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What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?


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You Made Me Realise - Amusement Parks On Fire

The trouble with this is that I can understand every word they say, and I realise lyrical persons might find this odd, but that spoils the song.

Also it's got too much melody. Pretty ambitious to cover MBV, innit? Good effort, folks! don't do it again!

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Pearl - Exileinside

... again, I can make out the lyrics :(

But it's got an interesting sound so I'll let it go.

But I can make out the words :(

mother of pearl, deepest sea, she knows what she means to me

I can never make out those lyrics, this is no fun once I know what they are, especially since they don't really make sense anyway, so there's no need to focus on them so much.

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^^ sounds a lot like MBV themselves only not as good, not anywhere near as good, not as good at alllll (which is why I keep saying leave them alone). It's actually boring because it's so toned down. No, no, no - I appreciate the effort, but no.

Alison - Douglas Heart

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