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a bunch of bands

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Here is a bunch of music no one will like

A buddy recently turned me on to what I will call 'Good Emo'

It's emo/hardcore without mindless screaming or corporate money grubbing

it has super bouncy/slidey mellow guitars

and pretty decent vocals.

My Fave of those bands was

Algernon Cadwallader


my fave song of there's is called 'horror' but it isn't on that page. Oh well, most of their stuff is pretty good

Then here's Cap'n Jazz

a really influential band from the early nineties

they do a badass cover of 'take on me' that actually made me like take on me.


Now here are a couple colorado bands that are pretty good.

This is the Photo Atlas

they're from denver

they do indy-emodancepop

it's fun

they're really awesome live.

They've managed to make a pretty good name for themselves


Then there's the Hot IQs, probably my fave CO band

The guy sings with a Interpol-ish baritone

and has some pretty great lyrics

'specially for a band no ones heard of


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Algernon Cadwallader "horror"

Cap'n Jazz "take on me"

photo atlas

and hot iqs

I could only find live Cap'n Jazz and Algernon, so the sound quality is low

I recommend going to the myspace.

But if one must be an internet elitist

well, no new tunes fo' you.

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I thought youtube was owned by the same people as myspace?

No. YouTube is owned by Google. Facespace is owned by rupert murdoch of fox news.

Yes, I had an account for all of 5 or 6 months months before it was unceremoniously deleted for no reason by the facespace staff :beatnik:

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Facebook is its own company. Many companies have offered to buy it but none of the offers were sufficient. Microsoft has a huge share of them and several companies have deals with them, but it still is its own company. I am a Facebook Application Developer by the way.

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