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  1. Road test in a week, and I'm extremely nervous.
  2. Little Bitch - Big D and the Kids Table. They played in my area so I checked them out, and they made a much more upbeat version of it, and surprisingly they succeeded.
  3. As well as a few other things...I'm also doing some work for Songfacts so I thought I'd stop by on the forum, and this topic was something that crossed my mind recently.
  4. Facebook is its own company. Many companies have offered to buy it but none of the offers were sufficient. Microsoft has a huge share of them and several companies have deals with them, but it still is its own company. I am a Facebook Application Developer by the way.
  5. He did his job, but he certainly wasn't a great drummer.
  6. 1. Venison 2. Nettle tea 3. Huevos rancheros 4. Steak tartare 5. Crocodile 6. Black pudding 7. Cheese fondue 8. Carp 9. Borscht 10. Baba ghanoush 11. Calamari 12. Pho 13. PB&J sandwich 14. Aloo gobi 15. Hot dog from a street cart 16. Epoisses 17. Black truffle 18. Fruit wine made from something other than grapes 19. Steamed pork buns 20. Pistachio ice cream 21. Heirloom tomatoes 22. Fresh wild berries 23. Foie gras 24. Rice and beans 25. Brawn, or head cheese 26. Raw Scotch Bonnet pepper 27. Dulce de leche 28. Oysters 29. Baklava 30. Bagna cauda 31. Wasabi pea
  7. I'm a big fan of my local scene. Here's one of my favorite bands from it: http://www.myspace.com/codenamemorocco Very unique sound. I think you will all enjoy it!
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