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Ida Maria

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Ida Maria is going to be HUGE. Just take it from me, OK. Have I ever let you down before? :shades:

Ida Maria Sivertsen is a Norwegian songstress, who relocated to Sweden, but is now making major waves in the UK with her 4-piece band; first with a stirring appearance on Later With Jools Holland (music show) and now with the release, last week, of her debut album "Fortress Around My Heart", which is attracting favourable reviews left, right and centre.

Sivertsen's voice is husky and a bit wayward in the "holding the tune" stakes, but is perfectly suited to her songs, which skilfully evoke a young life spent teetering on the edge of chaos.

This is not "generic indie-rock" either. Although apparently rooted in spunky indie/new-wave , there are also suggestive glimpses of classic pop in the mix.


"I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked" is the soon-to-be International Super-Hit. ('Tis true)

And once everybody's been sucked in by this ridiculously catchy number, they will swoon to the irresistible singalong of"Stella", the fractured panic of "Oh My God" and gorgeous "drinking-to-forget" anthem "Queen Of The World".

Suddenly the notion of a Scandinavian Janis Joplin* fronting The Strokes seems quite a viable proposition.

(*though I'd have to say that Sivertsen has a distinct advantage in the "undeniably attractive" stakes)

Anyway, don't just take my word for it: johnnyguitar was the first to hyperbolise Ida Maria in these parts. Remember him?

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I know what you mean. I liked Ida Maria so much better before I heard that particular song! :P Not that it's a bad song- it isn't at all- but it does have a certain "this will be played to death" quality about it. Is why I predicted it as an "International Super-Hit". I've only heard it on the radio once (in a shop: I don't generally listen to the radio), and my copy of the album only arrived yesterday, so I haven't really had the chance to become sick of the track...yet. As you point out, it's the radio stations that cause the problem. Good pop songs weren't designed to be listened to 9 times a day.

Try not to let it deter you from listening to her other songs, which are just the ticket. The album's fab. :)

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they are starting to overplay her one song which gets under my skin every time I hear it now :(

Why do radio shows have to do that?!

The clinical term for this phenomenon is "Fratellis Syndrome" (Lat. fratellicus bumakissimus) ;)

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