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A Hole in One


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When was the very first thought?

Why was the second in fear?

What was the third voice?

Where answered here!

There was no choice!

That which brought

Those that taught

Then to exclaim . . .

Who has a name?

Whom's your *daddy?

Them, one?

Better than none?

It's only fun . . .

A hole-in-one?

It's done!

Never hire a *caddy. . .

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I like it Muziktyme, it's very linguistic, you choose your words carefully, you manage to put in regular rhymes, alliterations,.. The stuff I find attractive to poetry (besides it's meaning).

And you end with humour (at least to me), I can always appreciate that :thumbsup:

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Keep on posting, Nammy. And thanks.


Reminds me of a poem I once wrote about a pair of golfing socks...and how I had to throw them away...because I had a hole in one.

John, hopefully you've updated your golf-sock collection since! If not then I suggest talking to Uncle Joe! :D


Check out the big brain on Sébastien!!! Thanks, bro.

Muzik's posts are just little pieces of poetry.

I couldn't have possibly gathered a better compliment! Thank you, Lucky!

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