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This Darkness Is My Solice

Red Fish

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I will take this opportunity to again remind posters that this forum is for the posting of poetry, creative thoughts, short stories, song lyrics or anything else deemed "Creative Writing".

If you do not wish to receive comments on your work, good or bad (no one will be filtering whether you only receive praise or criticism, that is the nature of the subjective beast), please send one of the forum Mods a PM requesting that your thread be closed.

If you would still like to receive comments but not on the open forum, please request your thread to be closed and leave a note at the end of your post asking for thoughts, comments and suggestions to be PMd through to you instead.

I cannot speak for the other forum mods, but putting your work up on a public board opens your audience up to either praising or criticising it. I definitely will not be censoring the posts in response to it (besides abusive, obscene posts or anything which obvoiusly is breaking the forum rules).

Sorry guys, but it is the risk you take by putting it up here. Bear in mind that it is a little unfair to stereotype every thread started in here is one that has gone off the rails, or every reply as being critical :)

To add: Please don't be shy to post your work in the forum. We have had many wonderful and talented people submit very touching and powerful work that has been appreciated by those who are touched by it. Readers, be aware of the courage it takes to post something here. We are all on friendly enough terms and a little "kinder" criticism is a lot more constructive than scathing fire and brimstone ;)

Disclaimer: No one is being accused of fire and brimstoning anyone - this is general!

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Addition made and I learned/learnt to spell receive again! Breakthrough!
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Technically, poetry is meant to be interpreted into each person's individual life. But I did enjoy the poem. Nice free verse. I like the use of the poetic spelling because it creates sounds that are separate from regular conversation and create a smoother flowing feel of the poem. An awesome writer that does this sort of thing also is James Joyce, I don't know if he wrote any poetry though. Robert Burns is another good one. But, I get it, the dark stuff. Nice.

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THAT'S the kind of high-minded crap that started the American Revolution ! Throw off your shackles, free-minded non -Canadians , and thrust thine middle finger into the Queen's ear ... giving her a wet-willy that she'll never forget !

You wanna talk to us, Brit ?!?! Huh ? ( and I stand confidently behind the American nuclear detfkfjr ) ....

Then prepare to lower yourself and your speech to the lowest common denominator ... dude !

- Benedict Arnold

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