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Opening of a concert

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The Rolling Stones used to start with "Under My Thumb"... "Ladies and Gentlemen... the greatest rock´n roll band in the world... The Rolling Stones!!!" and then the intro...

Then they used "Start Me Up". I haven´t seen them in ten years so I don´t know how they open now...

Lou Reed always played "Sweet Jane"... the famous intro.

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U2 usually opens their shows with "Where The Streets Have No Name".

not exactly true. I think 'Streets' was only the opener during The Joshua Tree-tour and maybe the Lovetown Tour.

for ZooTV/Zooropa/Zoomerang (1992-1993) the opener was Zoo Station

for the Popmart-tour (1997-1998) Mofo was the opener

for the Elevation-tour (2001) Elevation was the first song

for The Vertigo Tour (2005-2006) U2 had different openers (City of Blinding Lights, Vertigo, Love and peace or else)

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