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Name the last video you bought

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It was definitely joke gylenhal and his fugly sister that partially ruined the flick, but I'd also like to add that drew berrymore and the crappy cover of "Mad World" did not help its lost cause. The idea, although not new, is interesting. I think it could've been done better by excising some unimportant junk out of it - tighter editing, so to speak. I bought The Last Temptation Of Christ for anyone whom I lend this video to and becomes interested in the concept of "fate" and "no free will" :beatnik:

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Well, yeah, Donnie Darko exploits the same idea. It's interesting to see the same idea look so different in the mind of another person; you know? Like seeing a painting/rendition of something by different people and still end up with some really wacky results. I think this is where Donnie Darko finally had its success in my perspective :beatnik:

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