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Super Ry 71

The SF Top 100 (Subjective) Songs Ever

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Hi all. This was another game brewing in my head, but really caught steam after an...em, embarrassing shoutout about the matters of subjective/objectiveness in music. So I think that since everyone else is making these crazy "Top 500" lists all of a sudden, we should jump right on the bandwagon. How this works:

1) We'll start with a simple portion, like say the first five spots on the list. Someone places what they feel is the best song ever. Then someone else places another song on there, either above or below the first song. This continues until the five-song grid is filled.

2) Once five song are in, debate begins. One may take out as many songs and replace them with different songs, in whatever order, as they wish. Songs removed from the section will then be placed in a little 'pool' of sorts to be remembered for later use.

3) While this takes place, people may state which songs in which spots they feel comfortable with. After everyone has reached a list they can agree on, another protion opens up. And so on.

4) This all ends after 100 spots have been filled in.

So the bracket to begin with would be this:






And since I'm so nice, I'll let someone else go first. :)

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