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  1. Definite favorite: Ms Jackson And Tenacious, I agree, with the two that I'm tired of hearing, period. Hey ya/The way you move. Never really saw the fascination with those from jump street.
  2. Hi, Chimp! Nice to meet you. I, too,think that most rap is crap. I do consider myself pretty knowledgable when it comes to music, and I'm always glad to be here in the company of so many smart people! My taste run the gamut, I'm comfortable and at home with almost every genre, and my cd collection is a great testament to that. LOL. I'm like the rebel in my circle of friends. Hope you have as much fun here as I do!
  3. Yeah, I don't think that he was an original member of the cast. I also just thought about this other thing Jim Carey did, when he was this buff strong-woman named something De Milo. I can't remember the first name. That was funny, too.
  4. LOL! Did anybody like the skits with Jamie Foxx as Wanda the Ugly Woman? Now THAT was hilarious!
  5. I forgot: [*]Candy Rain--Soul4Real
  6. [*]Kentucky Rain--Elvis Presley [*]I want to go outside in the rain--Thr Dramatics [*]Purple Rain--Prince [*]Can you stop the rain?--Peabo Bryson
  7. For me, Urban Cowboy, Internal Affairs, Fatal Attraction, Terminators 1 and 2, Face/Off, Revenge of the Nerds (lol)Weird Science, The Breakfast Club.
  8. Could it be "Till. He says something like "what I wouldn't give just to have you adore me." Till the tropic sun goes cold, till this young world grows old, my darling I adore you." I hope I'm right. My mother was a huge fan of his , and she would be mortified if I didn't get this right!
  9. the most after the lead singer or the most popular member departed?I don't know if this has been covered before, so bear with me and humor me a little if it has. LOL I would say the Commodores, after Lionel Richie became the love ballad extraordinaire, Genesis after Phil Collins, the Supremes without Diana Ross, the Temptations did okay without David Ruffin, but they lost some luster. I am sure there are tons of other examples, just have to recharge the ol'noggin! wait...how can I forget Michael Jackson and the Jackson five?
  10. Oh, yeah, and maybe I Stand Accused, by Isaac Hayes. He holds it in but then he sits her down and finally tells her.LMAO he goes this extreme 'round about way to do it, saying he's not too good with words, but then he raps to her for like almost ten minutes before he finally starts to sing!
  11. Oh, yes! I have, I had been looking forward to watching it ever since I saw the firs preview. I think it is well-written, very original and I hope that it lasts. In this time of overkill from all of these so-called 'reality"shows, it is a breath of fresh air!
  12. Terminator 2 was better than the original. I loved that liquid, fake cop, and the tough, no nonsense Linda Hamilton.I only wonder what the heck they thinking with #3, Rise of the Machines. That totally whack, bootleg John Connor was unforgivable!
  13. Hey hey! We got Lynyrd Skynrd and Limp Bizkit!
  14. How about If I were your Woman, by Gladys Knight and the Pips? "you're a part of me, and you don't even know it, I'm what you need, but I'm too afraid to show it."
  15. Angel by Jon Secada, the Spanish version
  16. Do you really want to hurt me -- Culture Club What about Love -- Heart What's love got to do with it-- by Tina Turner Do you remember -- Phil Collins What am gonna do with you --Barry White Who's crying now--- Journey Have you ever loved a woman --Bryan Adams Who'd she coo -- Ohio Players Is she really going out with him -- Joe Jackson
  17. Heaven must be missing an angel is sung by Tavares.
  18. Here and Now, by Luther Vandross.
  19. I have another; janet and Michael Jackson. Who else thought that Scream thing was truly scary??(LOL. Michael seems to be coming up here more and more)
  20. OMG, Ozzy and Madonna would have been horrendous!I saw that Eminem and Elton fiasco. LOL. talk about a weird pair-up.
  21. My pick would have to be Michael Jackson and Paul McCartneyon SAy, Say, Say...who the heck's fault was that atrocity?Phil Collins and Phillip Bailey with Easy Lover, the song was okay but what a strange pairing. Patti Labelle and Michael McDonald with On my own, those two voices didn't enhance but seemed to want to overpower each other. Good song, though.Kim Carnes and Kenny Rogers' Don't fall in love with a Dreamer..it sounded like two men together. LOLI know there are more, and like Arnold said, I'll be bach...
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