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  1. Thanks for all your help Good Earth, but i still can't find out where i can purchase the song. Amazon cannot me.
  2. Can anyone help me with the above message!! ::
  3. Who can:help: me? In the film 'The Accused' during the part where Jodie Foster is playing the Pin Ball machines a song was being played on the Jukebox. I think the song was called 'I'm Talkin Love' Does anyone know who wrote and sang this song or the lycrics and also where i can purchase it. Thanks T.S
  4. Thanks a million EDNA, I went back to BLUEBOY'S e.mail and checked his info and after 11 years i have finally found the group i was after. They were called 'II D EXTREME' the group released their album in 1993 called II D EXTREME under the label Gasoline Alley Music. Thanks to BLUEBOY & EDNA i have now ordered it through Amazon. I feel ecstatic, let's start a new T.H.R.E.A.D! T.S
  5. Checked that one out by the GET UP KIDS but it was not the one i'm looking for. One of the member's of the group was called Randy and another member i think was called Jermine?
  6. Hey, Has everyboby given up on my question????
  7. Thanks Earth-Angel, It's much appreciated!!
  8. Thanks for the info Dug. Unfortunately the group that sang the cover were three black males from America. Their music video for the song was often played on B.E.T and MTV during the station's soul sessions.
  9. Thanks for replying, but the group i was after was a male r 'n' b/soul group and for the life of me i just don't remember their name. TS
  10. Hi,I have been after the name of an R 'n' B group who sang the Drifters classic "UP ON A ROOF" for ages now. This song was released in the early 90's, can anyone help me.
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