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  1. "Another Man Down" by the rather unknown Heartsfield. Unquestionably. Check it out, I've seen the record has been re-released on CD. I've only seen one Female Sax player fronting a band, Candy Dulfer. Are there any others?
  2. Rock Bass Solos Chris Squire of Yes lays it down. One of the few bassists that can shoulder a 15 pound Rickey for 4 hours in a lead role. Yes is a bit unique in that Steve Howe, the "Lead" Guitarist is actually a folksey picker who provides suppliment to Squire's Base lead. Howe makes up for this on stage by playing two guitars simultaneously, on held in place on a stand. Sometimes they'll bring on a guest guitarist to rip out cuts on a stratocaster. For Jazz/Fusion Bass solos there is ONLY Stanley Clarke.
  3. All these posts and not a single mention of FRANK MARINO Remember Mahogany Rush? Frank is unquestionably the greatest Guitarist OF ALL TIME. Check out any of his "Best Of" CDs.
  4. Cheryl Dilcher was an early 70's singer/songwriter. Her music was considered folkish, much acoustic accompanyment with some electric guitar to reflect the era. She cut a few records, among them "Butterfly" and "Blue Sailor." I still have a vinyl copy of each. Butterfly was early like 69-70, and the LP jacket opened up to typical psychadelic art around the theme of butterflys. She's even wearing a butterfly mask in one shot. I believe Butterfly made the charts with the hit "High".. a EXCELLENT mystic sounding song about a woman's desire for a man she loves whose aura "makes me high..." Contains
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