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  1. I've never heard it called that before... lol
  2. Ambassador, with zeez you are really spoiling uz...
  3. Its either The Scorpions or Bob the Builder....
  4. My apologies BF. I bet your hand ached as you missed that comma....
  5. Did you see a 6'4" Geordie with a big sneck, two sons and a disgruntled wife in tow? That'd be my mate Bill who has taken the family out for a 3 week holiday on the pretext of getting some sun... lol
  6. I know its Leeds again, but what about just "Headrow"? Simple, yet implies intelligence and substance abuse all in one....
  7. You are clearly going for that 'art-house' bit, with the French and Cherman.... btw, shouldn't there be a comma after 'Ladies...'?
  8. ...or "Richard Madeley and the Wetwang Dukes" or "The Kirkstall Flyers"
  9. How about 'Wise'? A Leeds 'Keane' with a (very) tenuous Kaiser Chiefs link....
  10. Why thank you Kevin! I do like a bit of US smack-rock!
  11. "Born to Lose" - Johnny Thunders & t'Heartbreakers "The Youngest Was The Most Loved" - Morrissey
  12. That Sean Murray bloke looks like me at 25! Lucky bugger!
  13. Ever heard a cat in stilletos in the loft? You can't get to sleep!!!
  14. Marc, don't you find the kitty litter sticks to your backside?
  15. You could buy a dog and keep that in the house... then the little dumpers would feel obliged to use next door's garden as the Garry... In a similar vein, how does one train a child to use the toilet? I went for a shave today and noticed a pong. I couldn't find the source until I opened the bathroom bin, only to see a large, perfectly formed Richard looking up at me. On interrogation tonight it turns out my 5 year old had produced said poo and left it in the bin for a joke... Oh how I laughed as I disinfected the bin!
  16. Kevin, are you going for the next Moderator job, or is the medication finally kicking in? lol
  17. I always thought 'Pom' was a term of indearment - unless prefeaced by 'whinging' and followed by 'B*stard'... which I understand is slang for an Englishmen in certain antipodean quarters...
  18. Personally, the thought of a speeding christian fundamentalist with bible in one hand and tool in the other makes me smile... I don't know why!
  19. Odd - my thought on reading this was that Jon must be a teddy-bear.... Apologies to Jon if he is not in fact a stuffed toy....
  20. My favourite Lou Reed album. What - no UK dates?
  21. It shouldn't be anything to do with us - he's Iraq's prisoner, not the West's.... I agree that he should receive the stiffest punishment available to the people who have convicted him. The question of whether the death penalty should be used is not for us to decide though - whether we agree with it or not. From the point of view of punishment, would it be worse from his point of view to be hanged following a brief period of 'reflection', or to be imprisoned to spend the remainder of his 'natural contemplating the error of his ways with Big Abdul and his tub of butter for company? Whichever, from the point of view of everybody I agree that it would've been better if he had died a casualty in the invasion... Not at the hands of a foreigner however but at those of a Kurd....
  22. No. I will go though... If I don't the bread-knife has threatened to put me on a ban...
  23. Daryl, we will have to wait and see... BF, I haven't taken the plunge and presented my wad as yet. I know I should, but I just haven't found the time... which is rubbish really as if I wanted to I would have done. I have a bit of a block when it comes to that sort of thing I guess.
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