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  1. Its not just as a result of the existence of the US and Britain that the situation exists. I hope I didn't infer that. A large reason for it all however is that much of the 'western' influence so despised by the terrorists and their masters flow from the English speaking world...
  2. Not snakes its true, but you don't see them attacking Belgium or Mongolia... Their beef is with 'the great Satan' as opposed to secular democracies in general because they are taught that the US and it's interests are rightly or wrongly diametrically opposed to their's. These 'interests' include support for Israel, global economic expansion, control of the world's oil resources, unfettered decadence through film and television etc etc... in other words everything Islam teaches them is wrong in the world. What makes it worse and makes the US a target is arrogance on the part of it's Government and the view that only the American way of life is good and true, expressed all too often by aggressive foreign policy both military and financial. Don't get me wrong, I am not a supporter of terrorism in any way, shape or form, its just that the blindness to the underlying reasons demonstrated by the US and us in Britain can only serve to perpetuate the anger and madness of those involved. You'd have to really hate something to blow yourself up after all... and the sooner the US and Britain wakes up to the fact that our tiny planet is to share the better... Trouble is, we are so locked into our way of thinking now that neither side can see above the parapet. Feel free to chastise me for being a traitor or whatever you want. I want a world where my kids can walk down the street in peace, not in fear of covert civil war which is unfortunately where we may be heading in this country. Amen, Shalom and Allah be with you... Regards
  3. Strewth Marc! The roadsigns must be pretty peppered in your neck of the woods... Isn't that a little extreme? Thanks for the thought Psyco. Us Brits are a stoic bunch however, and it is the inconvenience of late flights rather than the thought of being blown up that gets us. Remember, we have been bombed consistently for decades by some nutter or other. This one is a bit different though and unfortunately symptomatic of the political position our Government has chosen to adopt in relation to Mr Bush & his master's crusade against Islam... Talk to local Pakistani lads about it and they are genuinely afraid... they don't like the US or our Government's position up Bush's chuff, but afraid nontheless... I fear we have not seen the end of this, and probably never will...
  4. Did Cathy Burke really perform with Hot Gossip? "C'mon Cathy, get dancing..." "Nah, I'm smoking a faaaaggg..."
  5. What I think folk are saying is that self-endulgent musicianship is akin to said musician pulling his metaphoric pud, or indeed searching for her metaphoric man in the boat... I think... The listener receives this aural onslaught and if sufficiently moved constructs a mental Sherman also..
  6. Sorry if you've heard the joke before MC and it bores you... no, hang on, I'm not really...
  7. I just heard that Sophie Eliss Bextor has been found dead from head-butts at the house of a French footballer... Unconfirmed reports are suggesting she's dead on Zidane's floor.... ..dead on Zidane's floor... Zidane's floor.... geddit... Oh never mind!
  8. Sounds like acid garage old-school techno-funk to me....
  9. That'll teach you to call that WPC a Thespian...
  10. I can imagine BF using that tack in Leeds on a Saturday night... briefly, and just once... lol
  11. I've always thought you are a bit of a fox, Gisela!!!
  12. Congrats to the German team! Looks like it will be Germany in the final, which is excellent for the competition and if we get through, potentially good for us also, as we play the same style of football.
  13. Big words, Farin... lol I agree that whoever wins will make it to the final, but Germany as world champions? Have they the depth of squad needed?
  14. Looking better for sure... Have they les ballons to go all the way? I still can't see it myself... The Germany v Argentina game will be a telling one - whoever wins that is likely to be a finalist IMO.
  15. or "You wouldn't want that in your sleeping bag" ......
  16. Or of course: "Speak up Brown, you're through" or "Shoot that duck" The list goes on and on for the much maligned yet oft celebrated trouser-cough...
  17. One of those statements, nay two in fact must've been made with tongue firmly in cheek...
  18. How often do you get to use that one? Do you move in ecclesiastical circles?
  19. Indeed - Lampard isn't likely to score at all!!!
  20. I'd like to congratulate the French - well, all except the previously God-like Henry. His falling clutching his face was an appauling display of cheating, and he deserves sanctions as a result. Zidane - top old bugger!
  21. I'd like to congratulate the Portugese on their magnificent display of caution and self-control against Holland...
  22. Is it about Yaks, ie the large eastern bovine quadraped?
  23. Sounds like you are on a hiding to nothing there, Ossifer.... Argentina are playing right now, so prepare for a corned-beef riot... lol
  24. The Ramones were a 'cartoon' band anyhow (and I am a fan BTW), so why not a pastiche of a cartoon? Could be a role for Jerry Springer in a wig, or Jason Donovan perhaps?
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