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  1. I wish I could trim my toe nails by using a scratching post.
  2. Nice photo, ladies! I was in San Diego then too, but I would not been too good at the "girl talk".....
  3. Now you know why they call Sammy "Tuna Can Sam!"
  4. Hope you had fun and congratulations to your daughter!
  5. He is healthy, Lucky, and in pretty good spirits. If you were to ask him how he was doing, his pat answer is "I'm still alive!" Thanks Edna!
  6. No, I opted to pay a doctor (or a PA, not sure) to poke around the bottom of my foot with a needle. Evidently, the glass is out, but nicked a nerve. It should be better in a few days. Thank you for your advice, though, Ray!
  7. Nothing! That sounds pretty good to me! I am on my second cup of coffee, waiting for my breakfast burrito to arrive.
  8. Ray, the shard is in the bottom of my foot, and I am as limber as a coffee table. I did have my wife try with tweezers. The piece of glass went deep. I also soaked for about a 1/2 hour to see if I could get it out that way. No dice. I am off to the dr after work. Unless you have another suggestion, Captain Obvious!
  9. I dont have a problem with gluten, but I do like the TJ gluten free pancakes. They almost taste like the crepes from the Municipal House of Pancakes. I really like the texture.
  10. The power of Christ compels you! (Said while shaking holy water in your direction) My gears are ground because I have a shard of crystal in my foot that will not come out. It hurts!
  11. Trader joes gluten free pancakes and black Irish breakfast tea.
  12. It was 112 yesterday when I got home from work. It is supposed to be a little cooler today....
  13. Not this early....usually only in August/Sept.....but not all month.
  14. The family after Mya's piano recital last month.
  15. One of my co workers kids had it , too last month. I did not know it was a big problem right now.
  16. It is supposed to be 106 today. Yech.
  17. "No Time For Sergeants" was funny, too.
  18. My favorite work of Andy Griffith's was his stand up. He had the "Hayseed telling a story" thing down. RIP.
  19. Kinda strange to think that So Cal is one of the coolest places in the country right now.
  20. You have grown up into a pretty woman, Radhi! wow....for some reason, saying that just made me feel really old!
  21. You woke up fifty what? I'll bet they were mad
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