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  1. Nov 17th (we've got a time delay here - when it's today in America, it's tomorrow in Australia - or something like that) 1967 - Pink Floyd release their 3rd UK single "Apples and Oranges". It bombs. 1979 - Jethro Tull bass player John Glascock dies at the ripe old age of 26 after open heart surgery. 2004 - I've got a book called This Day In Rock - I knew it would come in handy one day!
  2. So do I. Easy to use, no ads, free. Mind you it has its fair share of nutters but you can just ignore them.
  3. Roger, Where've you been. What about "Hurricane" which was the subject of a movie in the last few years? Or "Things have Changed" which won an Oscar a couple of years ago? Or "Mr Tambourine Man" which heralded a new genre of music called folk rock (mind you, that was back in the 60's)? Do you have the TV series "Absolutely Fabulous" where you are? Guess who wrote the theme song (This Wheel's On Fire)? etc etc etc
  4. On a similar note I once met a fisherman in the far north of Australia who went under the name of Michael Clarke and claimed he was the original drummer with The Byrds. When I mentioned this on a newsgroup I was bombarded with messages telling me that The Byrds' Michael Clarke died some years ago Or did he just dodge the draft and quietly slip away to Australia?
  5. What about "Gotta See Jane". Excellent song with great sound effects. Both songs were hits in the UK if my memory serves me well so that rules out old R. Dean as a one hit wonder.
  6. Edna, I've searched through all my Beatles related books and I can't find the reference - I'll keep looking and let you know. I can assure you that I didn't make it up. I remember that at the time I read about Jane Asher being the one referred to I thought, "Doesn't that make sense", rather than it being a "cheeky" reference to The Queen as some authors think.
  7. Bob Dylan - I Want You - The Beatles Bob Dylan - Tell Me - The Rolling Stones Bob Dylan - Sara - Fleetwood Mac Bob Dylan - On the Road Again - Canned Heat The Travelling Wilburys - Congratulations - Cliff Richard
  8. By Bob Dylan: Song to Woody - Woody Guthrie Ballad of Hollis Brown Only A Pawn in Their Game - Medgar Evers The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll - including William Zanzinger Oxford Town - James Meredith Hurricane - Rubin Carter ........and on and on and on! The Beatles: Fool on the Hill - The Maharishi Sexy Sadie - The Maharishi again Her Majesty - Jane Asher apparently
  9. Sorry if I seem to be hogging this one but if you want musical families you really can't get better than the Bach family. Johann Sebastian Bach is the famous one we all know and love but the Bach family produced dozens of musicians between the 16th and 18th centuries who were all equally famous in their day. Carl Philip Emmanuel Bach and Johann Christian Bach are just two that spring to mind. OK, OK, I know it's not pop music but those guys provided the foundation for what music is today.
  10. And this one just came back - Dionne Warwick's aunt is Thelma Houston and her niece is Whitney Houston. So that means Thelma Houston is Whitney Houston's ....... something
  11. Don't forget Eden Kane (famous 50's artist) and Peter Sarstedt (Where Do You Go To My Lovely?). One of them changed their name
  12. What are they playing in "Addicted to Love"?
  13. Try "The Green Fields of France" by Eric Bogle. An excellent song about the futility of war. And "I Was Only 19" by Redgum, a song about what it's like to be young and suddenly finding yourself in a foreign country in the middle of a war.
  14. Arthur Alexander is not the only person to write songs that were recorded by Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. The Rolling Stones released a live version of "Like a Rolling Stone" sometime in the 90's. The Beatles sang "Like a Rolling Stone" on the "Let It Be" album (well a couple of lines ) Bob Dylan wrote and recorded "Like a Rolling Stone". So, Bob Dylan can share that honour with Arthur Alexander.
  15. How about that one by Robert Palmer with heaps of similar looking women in short black skirts and pink tops. Unfortunately, the video was so distracting I can't remember the title of the song!
  16. Bob Dylans: Romance in Durango from the Desire album Spanish/E Spanish is the Loving Tongue from the Dylan album Spanish/E Donovan - Jennifer Juniper French/E
  17. Thanks a lot NuttyTart - they haven't televised that episode of Cold Feet where I live so now I know that Rachel is going to die Only joking! Can you give us any more information about the song? By the way, have you seen the movie Sixth Sense yet.......
  18. :: You must be thinking of another band; Marmalade were never one hit wonders. They hit the UK #1 spot in 1968 with a cover of The Beatles "Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da" and continued through to the early seventies with more hits like "Rainbow" and the one you quoted, "Reflections of My Life". They would never have been drafted for Vietnam as they were a UK band. They faded into obscurity after the UK newspaper, The News of the World, exposed their scandalous activities with under age groupies.
  19. Looks like nobody mentioned Dylan's "Rainy Day Women #12 and #35" with its "Everybody must get stoned" chorus.
  20. I was just listening to the Beatles first album from way back in 1963 and I noticed that two tracks, "Anna" and "Misery", might fit your situation. The best break up song of all time in my most 'umble opinion (as Uriah Heep might have said) is, "It Makes No Difference" by The Band. Anyway, I hope you're feeling OK.
  21. On a related subject - Beethoven's crypt was opened some years ago, possibly to check whether or not he had been rolling over. To everybody's surprise the grand old composer was sitting there with his manuscripts and an eraser, rubbing the notes off the paper. He was asked what he was doing (a number of times as he was still deaf) and eventually replied, in German of course, "I am decomposing". Sorry. :-)
  22. I thought some more and scraped the bottom of the barrel and came up with: Mr Apollo - Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band Venus (in Blue Jeans) - Bobby Darin (maybe) and many years ago we had the bands Cupid's Inspiration and Aphrodite's Child but these days we've got Dido.
  23. Just thought of another - Cupid by Sam Cooke (I think). There was a cover version in the 60's by Johnny Nash. Cupid draw back your bow And let your arrows flow Straight to my lover's heart for me Nobody but me.........
  24. Or the one by Kylie Minogue?
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