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  1. I don't know Unca Joe. I do pretty well with Chuck's. :guitar:
  2. Wow, that was quick!! :: Congratulations you two! :: :: Another 55?
  3. Wow Foxy, how very odd, to have a picture and make that connection. That just gave me a chill, seriously, but was actually a very kind thing to do. Such a beautiful spot but then, maybe not. Just goes to show, there are some people that would never find that spot beautiful. How sad.
  4. This is really good. It also makes me think(as I always do with suicide)that Mom was a little selfish too. If she was going to stick around, then she should have stuck, cause now she has left this child with...whom?
  5. I think Sammy's got this one. I believe The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and C) Nancy called herself Lil. Not sure of A.
  6. My song has always been Carol Chuck Berry or the Stones
  7. Read the question Carole read!! Extremely poor vision.
  8. They suffered from Albinoism (sorry don't know the pc term for this).
  9. All talk about going to sleep? This is much harder than I thought it was at first glance!!
  10. Nope wide awake! We've been waiting for you. Sleep well? Got your coffee? Good. :: Ok here goes...all released hits about crying. Been holding that one all day.
  11. Ian Gomm? if so.... Tomcattin'
  12. How bout "The Smoker They Drink, The Player They Get"
  13. Very true. She is the Queen. Why should she be expected to know who Eric Clapton is? I'm very certain she would not! Ahh to be Queen!!!
  14. When the cat's away....the songfish will play! :: Shhhh.
  15. No problem Pete, just a running joke! Hey you are a relative newbie. Welcome!!! ::
  16. They all covered Buddy Holly songs, and had hits?
  17. edna! That one I knew right away! If only I had gotten up an hour earlier! congrats sweetie, and good morning! :: Now this new one..I'm on a small roll here.Hmmmmmmm.....
  18. Oh Lord please not the dreaded Avril Livigne! 55, I just reread your post. You didn't tip the guy did you?
  19. jute I don't have the words to properly say what I think. I just know when things touch me and this does. Very nice. Well done.
  20. I really liked this. That's it, simply put.
  21. I heard this on the radio today. It seems Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Robert Plant were at a Royal Reception and met the Queen. When she meets Clapton she asks.." and have you been playing long?"!! :: Clapton laughed and said "just a while". Forty five years!
  22. Oh Joe! That was beneath you. Well, then again, I guess not. ::
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