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  1. Oh jute this is really good. As a song I could really see it country, with a couple changes. This is excellent. Heck leave it alone. This is a good song just as it is!
  2. I agree with both, and that's honest. It's the first thing that came to mind.
  3. Well Joe I guess you could consider her a little jazzed up version of Joni Mitchell. She played acoustic guitar, 6 and 12 string. She was great, but came out at a time when electric music was at the forefront (1973), so she didn't sell. Her biggest hit "High" was on the Butterfly album. The cover had (what else ) a big butterfly. I was just wondering if I am the only person on earth who remembers her or appreciates her. ::
  4. Karhul take it like a man. Take full responsibility. That's the rules! I'll tell you something my son did in 8th grade. The boys took homemaking. They were sewing, making pillows. He and his friends thought it would be funny to take pins out of the class. Between classes it was apparently funny to walk by people and anonymously stick people. Kid stuff right? Wrong. Between the aids scare, and the very real possibility of hepatitis,they were in big trouble. Matts name was the only one that came up, and he didn't say anything about anyone else. He ended up suspended for 3 months, had a tutor coming to the house, and was just ggenerally in trouble. We as the parents almost had to pay for all these children to have hepatitis shots. There were like 70 kids. So he was in trouble at home and school for a long time. If you ask him he'll tell you it wasn't worth it.
  5. I was reminded of her tonight. I think she was one of my first feamle solo albums. Does anyone else remember her?
  6. I won't forget:(and in no order) Thunderstorms My daughters upcoming wedding A full moon sunrise over the water sunset over the water New posessions Feeling understood Really good music New jobs with pay increases Country living/driving My grandson My friends (when they've remembered something I never thought they would)
  7. An awful lot of Hendrix's musical inspiration came from acid induced creativity. The headband thing? Rock and Roll Myth, I think.
  8. Old time country singer Tom T Hall also did a cover. So who supposedly did it first? I knew the story of Mr. Bojangles, about him being a real person. It is sad, but that is what his life had evolved to, and he respected, and accepted that.
  9. 55 I love this thread. The questions are hard, but that's the point. I don't have a lot of time to spend researching, so I just answer what I think I know. Don't stop. ::
  10. Aaron, this is the first chance I've had to peek at this. It's good. The subject I mean. These lyrics remind me of something my grandma might of been telling me. Live your life the best you can. Your reward will come when it's time. ::
  11. Well, that's just great. Here I have to go to work, and the both of you have given me something to puzzle over. :: ::
  12. Maybe mine would be another reality show. I'd like to see people compete and try to manage my ridiculous life!! No actually, I'd like it to be a soap/sitcom like Desperate Housewives. I've never even seen that show, but it sounds like fun! ::
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