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  1. The Goo Goo Dolls, opening for The Stones. The Goo Goo Dolls played.
  2. daslied


    It's more entertaining that hysterically funny, but I like it just fine.
  3. Paul, in 2002: "It was written when there were a lot of troubles in the southern states, over civil rights. I don't know if any of you know, but in England we sometimes call girls 'birds'… and I kind of wrote this song with that in mind."
  4. But what if that song is stuck in your head for the rest of your (after)life?
  5. I think Bartolo Colon could be a surprisingly good, given the right catcher.
  6. What if it sucks, and takes you to a sucky place?
  7. I think it's exit only, though.
  8. Got it. Just didn't want this conversation to ease down a dark path.
  9. Okay, let's refrain from using the word "analyze" when discussing this particular product.
  10. It'll have to be on the next album.
  11. "Two-Man Hot Tub" - The Heavy Sandwich
  12. Well, cross Australia off my list of places to move to when I can't take the b.s. here anymore.
  13. Blind-Fitter, you are officially my hero. Again.
  14. Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Hank Williams (Sr.) all rule. I love a lot of pre-1970's country stuff, and I will say that Brad Paisley is a total badass on the guitar.
  15. James Jamerson, greatest bass player ever.
  16. We can help you fulfill those desires, but we don't ask for help with ours - as long as yours are fulfilled we're happy.
  17. 1. Isaac Hayes for the coolness 2. Elvis Costello for the catalog 3. B.B. King for the longevity 4. Ian Curtis for the myth, if it could be done without the whole suicide thing
  18. daslied

    The Cool List

    She's a female drummer. Nothing further is needed.
  19. Here, I’ll write the damn show: Nameless President: “You’ve been pardoned. Yet again.†Jack: “I just want my life back.†Cue premature walk into sunset. Cue massive explosion. Chloe: “Jack, we need you. And we need to talk about me being unappreciated.†Jack: “There’s no time!†Terrorist of unspoken origin, even though we all know where he’s from: “Release this dude or I’ll kill everyone in Alabama. In 22 hours.†Jack: “There’s no time!†Chloe: “Gah, don’t blame me.†Bill: “I must update the president.†Nameless agent: “My team will be ready in 30 minutes.†Jack: “There’s no time!†Cue helicopter/jet/car/foot/nondescript van chase and subsequent questioning of near-dead nameless terrorist. Cue Jack storing recovered flash drive in his anti-terrorist man-purse. Chloe: “Jack, the flash drive is damaged but I can read it. Gah.†President: “We’re going to attack Guyana in 30 minutes.†Bill: “Give Jack more time.†Jack, pausing: “I got nothin’.†Cue Jack questioning old friend/current enemy. Cue Jack heart-punching said frienemy’s wife until he talks. Cue remorse from Jack. Cue Ambassador from Guyana pleading for more time. Cue President’s internal conflict. Cue reveal of Rip Taylor and Bob Eubanks as rich white dudes pulling the strings of the whole thing. Jack: “Chloe, I need the plans to unnamed abandoned building.†Chloe: “Gah. Keep your pants on.†Cue Jack detonating bomb inside his own mouth, thereby simultaneously saving citizens of Guyana and Alabama. Cue nobody thanking Jack while he’s led away in handcuffs. Cue militant group from unnamed Asian country blowing up van holding Jack, killing everyone on board except Jack. Fadeout as a hooded Jack is led away to a plane, while his cellphone rings with a call from Kim, who is having a really bad day. Tick tock, etc., etc.
  20. I don't know what's weirder - that this guy actually pulled this off, or that he even did it in the first place: http://www.thehumorarchives.com/joke/Bottle_Blade_Mozart
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