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  1. I was convinced (in my youth) that it was a song about a girl who had a one dollar mirror!!!
  2. evenslimmersladey

    Alcohol Songs?

    Dear Mr Farin. Over 31 thousand posts!!! Do you have a job???
  3. evenslimmersladey

    How popular is Hip-Hop in the UK?

    You might get a bit of that music on Radio one now and again.
  4. evenslimmersladey

    Alcohol Songs?

    Milk and Alchohol - Dr Feelgood. I have it on brown Vinyl...a classic!
  5. evenslimmersladey

    2 songs, 1 chorus line

    Did you know that Right Said Fred used dance with the devil as backing on the hit I'm too Sexy!!
  6. evenslimmersladey

    Mark Hollis

    Retired from the music business I know, but what is he actually doing? Maybe he is living in another world!
  7. evenslimmersladey

    Mark Hollis

    Does anyone know what has happend to Mark Hollis, the singer of Talk Talk. A google search turned up fruitless. Many thanks
  8. evenslimmersladey

    song with tangerine in it

    who killed tangerine by tears for fears?
  9. evenslimmersladey

    Songs that the singing starts at the same time as the music

    Thought it might be quite a teaser. Am gonna have to listen to some of your faaantastic suggestions. This all came about from an old Danny Baker radio show (sometime uk broadcaster)who swore blind that the Squeeze track was the only 45 that fits the bill. Happy New Year to you all.
  10. Here is a teaser for you all. Any songs out there that start with both music and vocals at the same time. The only stipulation is that the song has to be a single release. The only one that I can think of is, Pulling mussels from a shell by Squeeze. Thinking hats on everyone.
  11. evenslimmersladey

    Rock And Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter

    Oh Well thought it could have been Hard luck by the Undertones. Version on the album Hypnotised has lots of hey heys with additional lyrics but the single version (B side of My Perfect Cousin) is just a mass of drums, guitars and Hey heys... a new wave classic.
  12. evenslimmersladey

    Most recognized rock riffs

    Whole lotta rosie and Highway to Hell spring to mind.
  13. evenslimmersladey

    Classic rock band photo quiz

    I got 17.. am chuffed.
  14. evenslimmersladey

    OK, new first dance idea

    Anything by Jethro Tull. Love Song Maybe? Or a New Day. They have a certain sound that just sounds medieval... or is it just me?
  15. evenslimmersladey

    Songs about success

    Sweet Victory by David Glen Eisley (from Spongebob Sqarepants)... Yeah I know! but it is a great song.