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  1. 1] Do Right Woman, Do Right Man - Aretha Franklin (1967) 2] Taylor the Latte Boy - Kristin Chenoweth (2005) 3] My Own Worst Enemy - Lit (1999) 4] Fallin' In Love - Hamilton, Joe Frank, & Reynolds (1975) 5] Behind The Wall Of Sleep - Smithereens (1986) 6] Tube Snake Boogie - ZZ Top (1981) 7] No One Is to Blame - Howard Jones (1985) 8] I Feel Love - Donna Summer (1977) 9] Kiss - Prince and The Revolution (1986) 10] Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas (1974)
  2. My Own Worst Enemy - Lit (1999) Taylor, the Latte Boy - Kristin Chenoweth (2005)
  3. South Georgia in the house! Billy rocks! At 30 miles away, he's practically my neighbor.
  4. Thank you so much for the lovely birthday greetings from my beloved Songfacts family. Edna - Slap some bacon with the brownies and beer and you'd have my holy trinity. Sammy - How did you know I like a good ball every now and then? Laurie - I did! Woot! S2V - I butt something at least thrice a day. Darling Don - I'll be your West Virginia mountain mama any day. Jenny - Oddly enough, there was a tornado about 30 miles from us as we were celebrating last weekend. Mother Nature knows what's up. Shawna - Damned banana! And I want to be just like YOU when I grow up, woman. TimLizzy - You are the reason why they are called the Notre Dame Flaming A-Holes. Then again, the only good squirrel is a dead squirrel, so thanks for that at least. RonJon - Thanks, my love. Lea - I still love 10P. And a big hell yea for the rock on! Kenne - Thanks, sugar. phil - That is my JAM! I swear to you I had that same outfit back in the day, complete with the 50 pound earrings. Farin - Smooches, marvelous Martin. Lucky - I think edna's brownies are the only thing that would give me the munchies strong enough to eat a damn squirrel. Kevin - Thanks, Eyegore. Leave it to you to hijack my friggin' birthday thread. Love you too, slick. BA - How did you know that I was singing that all day Friday? That is some nonsensical mess and I love it!
  5. 1] Make It With You - Bread (1970) 2] Moneygrabber - Fitz and the Tantrums (2010) * 3] Livin' On The Edge - Aerosmith (1993) 4] Universally Speaking - Red Hot Chili Peppers (2002) 5] Wart Hog - The Ramones (1984) 6] Too Late for Goodbyes - Julian Lennon (1984) 7] When I'm Gone - 3 Doors Down (2002) 8] Subdivisions - Rush (1982) 9] Am I The Same Girl - Swing Out Sister (1992) 10] Road Goes On Forever, The - Robert Earl Keen (1989) ** * New to me and I absolutely love it! Yay for Songfacts! ** We Peaches listen to the delightful "Merry Christmas From the Family" by Robert Earl Keen every holiday season.
  6. My fabulous Fintan, I hope you had the most wonderful of birthdays. We miss you! Happy birthday from the Ramones!
  7. My beloved, besainted, beautiful heterosexual life partner Shannon, I adore you beyond words. I hope your birthday was filled with sunshine and rainbows and bacon. Happy birthday from Stevie!
  8. If you know like I know you don't wanna step to this It's the G-Funk era funked out with a gangsta twist
  9. 1] Pale Shelter - Tears For Fears (1983) 2] Be Without You - Mary J Blige (2005) 3] Rope - Foo Fighters (2011) 4] Wishing Well - Terence Trent D'Arby (1987) 5] Laid - James (1993) 6] No Ordinary Love - Sade (1992) 7] I Want to Take You Higher - Sly & The Family Stone (1969) 8] Area Codes - Ludacris ft. Nate Dogg 9] Big Bang, The - Rock Mafia (2010) 10] Holding Back the Years - Simply Red (1985)
  10. Rope - Foo Fighters (2011) Be Without You - Mary J Blige (2005)
  11. My thoughts are with you and Joann. (((Joe)))
  12. 1] My Prerogative - Bobby Brown (1988) 2] Cameras - Matt and Kim (2010) 3] A Song For You - Leon Russell (1970) 4] Word Up! - Cameo (1986) 5] Hard Pill To Swallow - Keef Hartley Band (1972) 6] How Deep Is Your Love - Bee Gees (1977) 7] I Fought the Law - The Clash (1977) 8] Sister Europe - Psychedelic Furs (1980) 9] Where Are We Runnin'? - Lenny Kravitz (2004) 10] Allison Road - Gin Blossoms (1994)
  13. Welcome to Songfacts! I hope this is the song you are looking for. Artist: Tom T. Hall Song: A Week In A County Jail One time I spent a week inside a little country jail And I don't guess I'll ever live it down I was sittin' at a red light when these two men came and got me And said that I was speeding through their town Well, they said,"Tomorrow morning you can see the judge then go." They let me call one person on the phone I thought I'd be there overnight so I just called my boss To tell him I'd be off but not for long Well, they motioned me inside a cell with seven other guys One little barred up window in the rear My cellmates said if they had let me bring some money in We ought to send the jailer for some beer Well, I had to pay him double 'cause he was the man in charge And the jailer's job was not the best in town Later on his wife brought hot bologna, eggs and gravy The first day I was there I turned it down Well, next morning they just let us sleep but I was up real early Wonderin' when I'd get my release Later on we got more hot bologna, eggs and gravy And by now I wasn't quite so hard to please Two days later when I thought that I had been forgotten The sheriff came in chewin' on a straw He said, "Where is the guy who thinks that this is Indianapolis? I'd like to talk to him about the law." Well, I told him who I was and told him I was working steady And I really should be gettin' on my way That part about me bein' who I was did not impress him He said, "The judge'll be here any day." The jailer had a wife and let me tell you she was awful But she brought that hot bologna every day And after seven days she got to lookin' so much better I asked her if she'd like to run away The next mornin' that old judge took every nickel that I had And he said, "Son, let this teach you not to race." The jailer's wife was smilin' from the window as I left In thirty minutes I was out of state
  14. My Prerogative - Bobby Brown (1988) Cameras - Matt and Kim (2010)
  15. How foolish of me to forget that aspect of the Tens, S2V. And here I was thinking all this time that the Tens were just for fun. It shan't happen again.
  16. I just remembered one more thing to add to my snotty rant...love y'all. Mean it.
  17. In regards to my Beautiful Losers suggestion, I was thinking that everyone would remember a song or two they had nominated two or three times that didn't make it in. I know personally I have nominated quite a few songs at least a grazillion times. If the old timers like me had more than two multi-noms, we could suggest them for the newer members. I don't know why in tarnation the songs would need to be verified. I was thinking Scout's Honor rule. I don't live in a world where I think a person would say a song has been nominated more than thrice if it really hasn't. And if you live in a world like that, then I am very sorry for you. Then again, it must have slipped my mind that we as a group tend to be OCD and need to have ridiculous rules and GD regulations. Again, if we are giving out cash prizes for these Tens and therefore are obligated to institute military law regarding their execution, please let me know so I can change my nominating strategy to include every friggin' Beatles and Rolling Stones dinosaur ever recorded.
  18. 1] Cave, The - Mumford & Sons (2010) 2] Written in the Stars - Tinie Tempah ft Eric Turner (2010) 3] When Did You Fall - Chris Rice (2005) 4] Last Train - Allen Toussaint (1975) 5] POD - Tenacious D (2006) 6] Sure Shot - Beastie Boys (1994) 7] Don't Let The Joneses Get You Down - The Temptations (1969) 8] Indestructible - Robyn (2010) 9] Shake Me, Wake Me(When It's Over) - The Four Tops (1966) 10] Wonderful Night - Fatboy Slim (2004) Good stuff. I love, love, loved the Chris Rice song.
  19. How about a Beautiful Loser special? Songs that have been nominated 3 or more times but still haven't made the ten? I know the very patient edna will love the idea.
  20. The Cave - Mumford & Sons (2010) Written in the Stars - Tinie Tempah ft Eric Turner (2010)
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