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  1. while fending off sexual advances in the pen
  2. Dirty White Boy - Foreigner
  3. Before you do, you should count to ten
  4. The Evil That Men Do - Iron Maiden
  5. Tell us how you really feel, Ray! The Flames are going to brutalize the Canucks tonight. How about those Jets.
  6. Tell me you did not think I was serious about Gingras. Honestly, my favourite Quebec born player is "The Roadrunner" and IMO, The Rocket is the greatest Montreal Canadiens player of all time. I think the Rangers or Habs will make it to the finals from the east.
  7. I know that change is always difficult, but I find this new format cumbersome. I'm lucky, I only lost about 200 posts.
  8. 1. Lone Gone - George Thorogood 2. Beautiful - Carole King 3. Hellcats Take The Highway - Steve Stevens 4. Can We Still Be Friends - Todd Rundgren 5. Someone To Believe - Damn Yankees 6. Love Is Easy - Badfinger 7. Please Please - Stories 8. Walking With A Ghost - Tegan and Sara 9. Bicycle Race - Queen 10. Operator - Grateful Dead
  9. while playing his bassoon
  10. Yes, Gingras had a slapper no goalie wanted to stop, but he wasn't the best! Come on, Ray. In the oldtimers league, Gingras has flames coming out of the back of his skates! How awesome is that?
  11. Thank you. My memory is not what it once was.
  12. The original version of this song is now on my Ipod.
  13. Have we ever had a reverse top 10, where we nominate songs we hate? It would be interesting if we could compile a list of our 50 least favourite songs.
  14. Interstellar 7/10 Matthew Mcconaughey is quite good in this rather implausible and slow-moving science fiction film. The special effects are very good, but the movie is about 45 minutes too long. Matt Damon plays against type as he is a weirdo scientist and a villain to boot.
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