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  1. I bought the Chi-Lites [Steppin Out]LP from the mid-eighties and the thing is terrible, the lyrics are mixed way in back of a terrible track, the whole thing is a mess which is very sad for a great group.
  2. Oh what a sweet groove this one is, from a very underrated group from Philly featuring the lead of Ron Tyson long before his Temptations days, a soul classic.
  3. The King and Queen of Memphis soul recorded a cool one back in[1968]When You Move You Lose, although I think that had he lived Otis Redding would've sung with her.
  4. My Summer Love-Ruby An The Romantics, One of the coolest Summer songs ever, no not a big hit but nice.
  5. Who here likes to hand dance? well this jumpin groove from the Duke Of Earl himself will have you up on the dancefloor,a great one from a soul legend.
  6. First you get in a big boss line,and workout like a train on a track....from[Do The Choo-Choo..Archie Bell&The Drells]
  7. I think that everybody loves this timeless gem from the great Mr.Sedaka,just a good time fun song.
  8. Nice little tune from the pen of Brian Wilson,legend has it that this one was actually written in his room during his mental period.
  9. Early one from the Impressions, when Jerry Butler was still a member although Curtis Mayfield takes the lead here[maybe his first]and it's a rollicking good time with a calypso beat.
  10. I might go back to the thirties if it's good stuff.
  11. What do you all consider to be the best group names? for me it's...Chigaco..The Beach Boys..The Temptations..The Chi-Lites..The Volumes..The Drifters..The Five Stairsteps..The Spinners..The Impressions..The Moonglows.
  12. Ray, Goodman, Brown[1979]....What's Goin On-Marvin Gaye[1971].
  13. The Dave Brubeck Quartet-Together Again For The First Time[1972]....Temptations Live[1966].
  14. Can't See You When I Want To-David Porter...I'll Understand- The Soul Children
  15. Who Will Take The Blame-The Miracles
  16. Wow good topic[makes folks think]ok I got one...Big John-Jimmy Dean
  17. I'm talking about artist who wrote a good song, not for themselves but for another artist...Brook Benton penned[Looking Back]for Nat King Cole...Curtis Mayfield wrote[I'm Still Waiting]for Patti Labelle And The Bluebelles... Marvin Gaye gave[The Bells]to The Originals.
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