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  1. S&B totally rocked it.I like their style..kinda AC/DC mixed with Motley Crue..shakin' n bakin'. :guitar:
  2. great performance from 'the Fabulous Thunderbirds' :pianist:
  3. I've seen her performances on MTV Awards..what amazing talents.
  4. I soo loved this woman...she had such a promising future.Here she was in better days ...before the toll of drug/alcohol abuse. Amy Winehouse
  5. Thanks,I'll keep that in mind.I still remember hearing 'Sherry' for the first time. I felt like I was floating.
  6. This is waay cool,you know I haven't checked my Powerball tic yet... ..stay tuned.
  7. We all know the creative type have the ability to standout amongst the more common people,not just their appearance...their homes,pets,vehicles,etc. ...with that thought in mind,I'd like to post this pic of David Bowie..probably sometime back in the 70s.
  8. does the rap usual hard vocal delivery somehow reach primal instincts.? ...but, I never understood the 'talkin' down' thing.
  9. I never thought any cover of this S&G classic would work...so well. ....what you think.?
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