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  1. Rock4Life

    AC/DC: If you want their last album...

    I didn't know about Wal-Mart's music policy! (I don't go there much, so why should I?) Jeez, what are they all playing at? I don't want to be forced to go to a Wal-Mart, get the dang CD, and find out it's been tampered with. Was the band trying to intentionally sell their souls or something, but the devil was busy and told them to go somewhere else? I'm mad enough that I could go on for a while, but I won't. But for cryin' out loud . . . And concerning my signature, rock can't die, but we would like to hear the original music, and not have to go to a crappy superstore that makes us feel guilty whenever we walk through its doors . . .
  2. Rock4Life

    Sentence Creations

    I was sitting at a street-side lunch table, eating pizza and listening to Brian Johnson shrieking on my iPOD, when I turned just in time to see three men, each with a silver belt chain around their neck and leather rivets decorating a feathered cap, fall down a carelessly uncovered manhole. highbinder nacre studious wholly derogarotry incestuous
  3. Rock4Life

    Year-by-Year Game

    2000 Stiff Upper Lip -- AC/DC
  4. Rock4Life

    True Or False IV

    False. I just retreat into my own fantasy world when reality gets too dull. You saw a bunch of strangely attractive people today.
  5. Rock4Life

    Year-by-Year Game

    1988 Patience -- Guns N' Roses
  6. Rock4Life

    Quest?on game....

    Have a Drink On Me -- AC/DC I'm sure you haven't forgotten to . . .
  7. Rock4Life

    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted. You stop wishing, and the rainbow of your imagination fades away into oblivion. Your friends call you boring. I wish I wasn't the "smart kid" all the time.
  8. Rock4Life

    Year-by-Year Game

    1984 Born in the USA -- Bruce Springsteen
  9. Rock4Life

    Year-by-Year Game

    1965 You've Got to Hide Your Love Away -- The Beatles
  10. Rock4Life

    True Or False IV

    Luckily, false. No fires down here in the Inland Empire. Yet. You are missing your significant other as you read this.
  11. Rock4Life

    The Top Ten Game

    Top 10 "Oh no, not another sequel!" but it actually turns out to be alright. 10. Saw IV 9. Die Hard 4 8. T*ts Ahoy #7 7. This thread. 6. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (not wonderful, but not terrible, either) 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.
  12. Rock4Life

    Highway to Hell

    Oh, I hate choosing! There's "Let There Be Rock," "Little Lover," "T.N.T." . . . Out of those three, my favorite is "Little Lover," though. I love those eyes he did! They're so creepy, but they're also, just, I don't know, cool. Has anyone seen a video of the band doing "Baby Don't Go"? Bon's dressed in drag, complete with eyeshadow and a blonde wig. It's crazy! Yet funny!
  13. Rock4Life

    Rhyme It! II

    That stuff has such an atrocious hue!
  14. Rock4Life

    True Or False IV

    False. I'm on summer vacation! Someone is watching you right now as you read this.
  15. Rock4Life

    Quest?on game....

    Break on Through -- The Doors My teacher always said . . .