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    Songs with unusual titles

    Also: King Missile - Detachable Penis Panic! At The Disco - Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off System Of A Down - U-Fig
  2. teababe27

    wait, that song was about what?!

    My thoughts exactly.
  3. teababe27


    Tool - The Pot
  4. teababe27

    Funny Misheard Lyrics

    In Green Day's "When I Come Around", they say: "So don't knock down my door." I heard: "Saw Donna to my door." Also, while my family and I were listening to The Police's "Message In A Bottle" over the weekend, my sister heard: "Broke my nose" Instead of: "Wrote my note"
  5. teababe27

    Your Favourite Music Videos

    Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly Orgy - Blue Monday Alice In Chains - No Excuses Rage Against The Machine - Sleep Now In The Fire Godsmack - Straight Out Of Line
  6. teababe27

    Your favourite one hit wonders

    Blind Melon - No Rain Soft Cell - Tainted Love
  7. teababe27

    Songs mis-used in commercials

    "Unconditional" by The Bravery was used in a car commercial.
  8. teababe27

    Tear Jerker Songs , HEAVY DUTY SAD

    It made me cry also.
  9. teababe27

    Covers done better than the originals

    Orgy - Blue Monday No Doubt - It's My Life The Ataris - The Boys Of Summer Disturbed - Shout 2000
  10. teababe27

    Best & favourite Cover Songs

    Soft Cell - Tainted Love Orgy - Blue Monday Disturbed - Shout 2000 Disturbed - Land Of Confusion