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  1. Ths Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock by Jimmy Hendrix I am not sure of the musician: Pipeline by the Safaris rtstuff Marshall University, 1971
  2. Norman Greenbuam's Spirit in the Sky and Brook Benton's Rainy Night In Georgia take me back to 1970 when I was on a Geology field trip with my Marshall University geology class to Georgia. We came back home, Huntington, West Virginia, on an Easter weekend, and we had about 6 inches of snow on the ground. 1971 George Harrison's What is Life? I passed by draft physical. 1972 Paul Simon's Mother and Child Reunion and A Horse With No Name by America. Basic training Fort Dix New Jersey. Like a Rock by Bob Seager. Those words were read as an eulogy at my father's funeral. He told my mother one time that those words reminded him of his own life. rtstuff Marshall University, 1971
  3. The Good,The Bad, The Ugly. Shawshank Redemption The Great Escape Caddy Shack Jaws The Magnificent Seven rtstuff Marshall University, 1971
  4. My cub scout group did a skit to 16 tons. We dressed up in authentic coal miners gear and each one of us sang a chorus of the song. This was circa 1959. "Some people say a man is made out of blood,muscle and blood and skin and bone a mind that's weak and a back that's strong." "YOu load 16 tons and what do you get, another day older and deeper in debt. St Peter don't you call me because I can't go. I owe my soul to the company store." rtstuff Marshall University, 1971
  5. Everyone drooled over Lonnie Anderson, but I had a thing for Bailey Quarters. I thought she was HOT. She had an intellectual yet sassy look about her. There was one episode where Johnny Fever had to move in with Bailey becuase they were exterminating Johnny's apartment because of Lizards of all things. Everyone back at the station thought there was something going on between Johnny and Bailey when it was purely innocent. Bailey comes back to work wearing Johnny's Black Death tee shirt and wearing cut off jeans. Man she looked good. rtstuff Marshall University, 1971
  6. Any Woodstock collection and All Things Must Pass George Harrison. rtstuff Marshall University, 1971
  7. The intro to Pappa Was a Rolling Stone. The Temptations rtstuff Marshall University, 1971
  8. I'm a newbie guys so take it easy on me if this has already been done. I was wondering who you guys and gals thought would be considered underrated as a rock performer. It might be a solo act or a group. My two that I would throw out there would be: The Buckinghams. A brass band sound with great vocals, sort of like Chicago. Their 1967 hit Kind of A Drag was the number one song of the 1967 graduating class of Hungtinton East High. Jay And The Americans. Man Jay Black can belt out a tune. They were caught up with British invasion and kind of got overlooked. Their cover of the Drifters "This Magic Moment" in my opinon is better than the original. Cara Mia speaks for itself. I'm probably wrong because its been so dog gone long ago, but it seemed like after President Kennedy was assasinated a lot of the stations played "Only in America" frequently. rtstuff Marshall University, 1971
  9. The Great Escape The Right Stuff Gladiator Rain Man Zulu Rocky 1 The Magnificent Seven The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Sudden Impact Dirty Harrry Caddy Shack Used Cars The Shawshank Redemption Forrest Gump Saving Private Ryan Jaws Bullet The Time Machine The original Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Hoosiers rtstuff Marshall University 1971
  10. Jay Black and The Americans version of the Drifters "This Magic Moment" I like both versions,but to be honest I believe I like Jay and the Americans version just a little bit better. rtStuff Marshall University 1971
  11. Dennis Yost and the Classic's IV Traces. RtStuff Marshall University 1971
  12. Spirit In The Sky by Norman Greenbaum I was travelling to Georgia during March of 1970 with the Marshall University Geology Department for a field trip when Spirit In The Sky came out. Every time I here that song it takes me back to a more laid back and fun time in my life. rtstuff, Marshall U. 1971
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