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  1. Yay! Alright I'm-a go eat lunch now, all this food talk has made me hungry.
  2. And now I have a craving for pumpkin pie, chocolate, and a cheeseburger. And my curiousity is aroused about this pumpkin soup, and I want to try it. F?
  3. I'm having a hard time seeing how something that works well in pie can also work well in soup... Could there be an s?
  4. Yes we have pumpkins, but we generally eat them in pie, not soup. K?
  5. Pumpkin soup? You Europeans and your odd foods. Is there an O in there?
  6. Finally getting the car to myself and being able to turn the radio up to street-shaking volume.
  7. Peaches, I'd never be ashamed to be associated with you. I'm too afraid you'll cut off my arms with a chainsaw if I offend you!
  8. Actually there are four, but that's still a bit nuts, even by my standards.
  9. Finally, after a long drought, I get one in the Top Ten. Echoes is the most beautiful song ever.
  10. 1. "Dazed and Confused"- Led Zeppelin 2. "Gimme Shelter"- Rolling Stones 3. "Shine on You Crazy Diamond"- Pink Floyd 4. "Voodoo Child"- Jimi Hendrix 5. "Kashmir"- Led Zeppelin 6. "Layla"- Derek and the Dominos 7. "Tie Your Mother Down"- Queen 8. "59th Street Bridge Song"- Simon and Garfunkel 9. "Ohio"- CSNY 10. "Sunny Afternoon"- The Kinks I hurt. The finals are going to suck.
  11. Hold on, I'm trying to see if I can do this without putting in all 5 Zeppelin tunes...
  12. "Tribute"- Tenacious D But seriously: "Falling for the First Time"- BNL
  13. Fortunate Son was a Vietnam protest...
  14. Whoa, Peaches, that playlist thing is awesome. My MySpace must have one! I could be doing homework... but I have a playlist to make!
  15. He was. Indiana Jones, Pirates, and the Haunted Mansion are the best rides in the park. The mountains rock too. Heck, the whole place is awesome.
  16. Could be "Last Fallen Hero" by Charlie Daniels. Give us a clue to the sound, Neil Young and Charlie Daniels don't exactly sound alike, so if it's either one of them it would be easier to decide if we know what the song sounds like.
  17. I heard "Wait for Me" on VH1 classic. Great song!
  18. That's an awesome version of that song. I have it on their "Wide World Over" album. The Chieftains are amazing. Good to know there's another fan of Celtic music on this site. I'm a Celtic musician myself, so it's always fun to meet people who share that interest. Ever listen to Eileen Ivers?
  19. To bring this thread back to its original point... The Darkness are this generation's AC/DC, just not nearly as good.
  20. 1. "Echoes"- Pink Floyd 2. "All Along the Watchtower"- Jimi Hendrix 3. "The Rising"- Bruce Springsteen 4. "Pinball Wizard"- The Who 5. "Iron Man"- Black Sabbath 6. "Truckin'"- Grateful Dead 7. "Redemption Song"- Bob Marley 8. "Touch of Gray"- Grateful Dead 9. "Mood for a Day"- Yes 10. "Holiday in the Sun"- Sex Pistols
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