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  1. I'm listening to Throwback Thursday on Spotify Rock Your Body - Justin Timberlake
  2. I'm Not The Only One - Sam Smith (2014) Rather Be - Clean Bandit (2014) What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy) - Information Society (1988)
  3. and an accent so thick
  4. I heard about that one, sounds interesting. I can be a fast reader, especially if the book interests me. I just finished "The Silver Star" by Jeanette Walls. Nothing earth shattering, but a nice story about two young girls who visit their uncle after their flaky mother leaves them unattended and the authorities start poking around. They discover their family and come to terms with their mother's instability. 7.5/10
  5. How was the musical? I don't blame you for not going into the city on New Year's Eve. I prefer being in my warm house in my PJ's eating crap and watching movies than standing for hours in the cold with no bathroom surrounded by drunk strangers.
  6. Night At The Museum, Secret of the Tomb I haven't seen the 2nd one, but if didn't matter. This one was easy to follow if you have even a little knowledge of the first. It was funny, warm and fun. My daughter loved it 7.5/10 Into the Woods Based on the Sondheim musical about fairytale characters whose lives intertwine in the woods. Great singing and some funny scenes. Who knew Chris Pine and Emily Blunt had pipes? 8/10
  7. What Santa sees at the Kardashians' house Frosty the Snowman
  8. but it was all a trick
  9. Happy Birthday, Edna, hope you have a wonderful day
  10. Tomboy - Liz Prince An autobiographical graphic novel about Liz's experience with not fitting the "girl" mode. Not preachy, but more a journey of self discovery and self acceptance. 8/10
  11. I just finished "The Hot Zone" by Richard Preston. It is the true story of ebola and its cousin Marberg and the scientists who worked to find its origins and keep it from coming to America back in the early '80's. Scary, but interesting. Do not read during your lunch hour, either, some parts can be disgusting. 8/10
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