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  1. I know Sue!!! LOVE him...such a hottie. and wonderful voice.
  2. my vote goes to Mr. Heckles from Friends!
  3. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Sublime, or maybe I missed it. But Sublime has A LOT of Spanish on their tracks.
  4. ¡Es un hilo loco! ¡Introducimos todos tipos de idiomas tan yo he obtenido el español!
  5. i had to google it :: Oh Jesse- "Jesse" by Carly Simon Here's mine: bite my lip and close my eyes
  6. I can't buy you roses 'cause the money's all spent - "Brain Drain" by Faithfull Marianne Here's mine: Now your girl has gone missing and your house has got an empty bed
  7. Dad, you've gotta be right...where's Daniel to tell us the answer?
  8. HAHAHAHA me too MindCrime! It's so annoying...none of my family members out of state know when to call me because of daylight savings. I hate that we don't do it. But I guess we really don't need more hours during the summer
  9. Edna...your guess was correct. (Allman Bros.) sorry it took me so long to respond but my dad (TenYearsGone) always hogs the computer!! love you dad ::
  10. Well it's definitely not the best...but it was the best one in the late 90's so I'd have to say "Sex and Candy" by Marcy Playground. This was a recent one that I can actually remember being a huge hit.
  11. Haha thanks edna 1. formed in 1969 by two brothers in Daytona Beach 2. first signed by Liberty Records 3. had an instrumental song that was a tribute to Miles Davis 4. one member killed in 1971
  12. I would probably keep the life I have now...but that is definitely one of my favorite movies EVER!!! Not only does it have amazing music (Zeppelin, the Doors, ACDC, )but it is extremely funny! "stickatotamaniosis" LOL :guitar:
  13. anyone ever heard of OK Go? :: they're soooooo good
  14. the rest of the album is pretty good. my favorite is Mr. Brightside. of course Somebody told me is the most popular song. Change Your Mind is pretty good too. i havent heard all of the songs but i know theres a few good ones
  15. I love them both but Jack kicks butt more. Know why? Cuz he used to be a surfer and now he plays way hot music!
  16. Yeah...they are definitely one of my favorite bands. Too bad you live in England cause they are awesome live too. You should look up their lyrics for "On Your Porch". They are so sad. "Tune Out" is awesome too. It was the most popular song in AZ for like 2 months. So...yeah...definitely check out their other songs. P.S. thanks for the welcome ::
  17. Oh yeah!!! They also play a lot of shows in southern california too
  18. Hi everyone! I'm new on this site but before I start I wanted to let everyone know about the Format. They are a local band (Arizona) and they totally rock! They have an ep called "EP" and their album is called "Interventions and Lullabies." You should definitely check them out. theformat.com ::
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