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  1. scott sure does know his acid :happybanana:
  2. This Flight Tonight- Nazareth: mentions the Rolling Stones...I think. ::
  3. They have Vote For Pedro and Liger shirts too! It's flippin' sweet
  4. I'm not a fan of the very beginning (nutchin'?), but the rest was so happy! Good work!
  5. I'm definately in that stage! I'm listening to Love Me Two Times right now! lets have some Jim: :happybanana:
  6. Haha, guess i should have mentioned that eh? earth-angel: 31 brad: 21 edna: 5 syd: 13 tell me if I missed some points Whose this?
  7. earth-angel gets the 5 points, she was the closest and she actually knjows the answer...sorry guys no more pictures until later on, I'm at school.
  8. none! Unless you can get the answer for that above picture...then I will give you 6 points instead of 5
  9. He still cute there! I think he is one of the best looking men that ever walked the face of the earth.
  10. :: YOU'RE RIGHT BRAD! Gosh darn it. earth-angel better come back, or brad'll knock her from the top...edna is trailing behind! What is the world coming too? earth-angel: 26 brad: 21 edna: 5 syd: 13
  11. Yeah, I wasn't even aware he died! Was this recently? I'm not an Alice in Chains fan so I don't know... but anyways: earth-angel: 26 brad: 16 edna: 5 syd: 13
  12. Good stuff edna, I had a feeling you were the one who would get that correct! earth-angel: 26 brad: 16 edna: 5 ( you only got 4 points b/c I already gave a small hint) syd: 8 If peeing your pants is cool, the consider me Miles Davis - Billy Madison
  13. nope. HINT: He is NOT a rocker.
  14. YES! I was the more correct one in our argument!At least I said it was Tommy by the Who.He said Bat Out Of Hell by Meat Loaf ( I wasn't even aware this was a rock opera : Thanks for your help!
  15. Everyone's been telling me that Be Cool was stupid, but I guess I'll just have to see for myself
  16. What was the first "Rock Opera"?? I was having an agrument with my friend about this...I need to prove him wrong, it's very urgent!
  17. A fellow T-Shirt Hellien!!! I LOVE that site!
  18. well, I'm gonna give you 3 points, because you basically guessed it and I don't think anyone else was gonna get it. They are The Planet Smashers, and yes they are "ska" and from the Montreal area. Standings: earth-angel: 26 brad: 15 edna: 1 syd: 8 Whose this guy? good job syd
  19. no their not at all...I've actually only heard one song ::
  20. Anybody know any stores or websites that are good for rock t-shirts?
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