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  1. My favorite movie, by far. I've a;ways wanted a poster or something of that rock history tree, I wish i could find it :: :: :: ::
  2. is it really "The Cream"? I thought it was just Cream... :: Im not saying your wrong, Im just wondering if thats true...
  3. And anyway, there are lots of other sweet guitarists like Jimmy Page, who is actually my personal favorite, THEN Hendrix...I'd like to see how many people think Jimi is better then Eddie... :: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:
  4. I don't know, I like Hendrix AND Eddie, but I just "fancy" Jimi better. He was really breakthrough in his time..
  5. im not so sure that AC/DC peaked in the 70's. but they were definately on the scene. I mean, with Bon Scott they did great stuff, but in 1980 (im pretty sure this was when Back in Black came out, correct me if im wrong) Back in Black came, which is definately their most well known album. Just an opinion...
  6. Yes, i agree with you now. I had a bad call, lol. No matter what time era they came from, they still rock
  7. yup, im pretty sure haha well, at least i like his vocals...i think he sounds great in the song Cocaine
  8. yep they are, but only recently. they never won a grammy, not that those things mean much hahaha
  9. Don't like them, never have, never will. I think their terrible, but if you think their good, i get that. My cousin used to be really into them too
  10. For me, classic rock is 60's 70's and early 80's
  11. Well, Led Zeppelin did some of their best stuff in the 70s (not all though). Kiss came, rockin' out Ramones were doing their thing, and The Clash put out one of the best albums ever, London Calling. Alice Cooper was rockin' out, same with Styx (Mr. Roboto, Come Sail Away, Renegade, oh hells yes!) The Who were still in the game, though the 70's werent really their time... Can't think of anymore, I may be wrong about some of that stuff with time eras and all, but it seems just about right to me
  12. Paint it Black-The Rolling Stones Eleanor Rigby-The Beatles ( sooo sad) The End-The Doors Riders on the Storm- The Doors ( more creepy actually..) Let it Be- The Beatles Imagine- John Lennon and i agree with the first post, that Castles Made of Sand, should be on here too :guitar:hendrix is god
  13. hmmm perhaps Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You-Led Zeppelin or Wouldn't It Be Nice-Beach Boys :: p.s i think i said Wouldn't It Be Nice, because I just watched 50 First Dates, lol
  14. NO WAY! I love Styx! I'm 15 and im i'm really into 60s 70s 80s, but most of my friends are too, except the ones that like rap never been made fun really...
  15. Well, this is probably not what your looking for, but The Clash have a wicked song called Spanish Bombs, and the sing in Spanish in it...listen to it if ya like :beatnik:its awesome if you like that kinda music...
  16. its Jimi Hendrix, and Eddie is awesome, im not saying he isnt but Jimi is God :guitar:
  17. Here are some bands that have overall great vocals: The Beatles Led Zeppelin Queen Boston Kiss...anyone agree with this? Just listening to God Gave Rock and Roll To You made me think... The Who Styx tell me whatta ya think
  18. Whoops, I meant I can't really pick. and i forgot some other greats, like... Eddie Van Halen SLASH Pete Townshend...anybody like him?
  19. No order, I really pick the best out of these three. But I am surprised I havent seen Clapton's name very much here come on children, know your roots Jimi Hendrix Jimmy Page Eric Clapton
  20. My Personal Favs: (no order) AC/DC-Back in Black Led Zeppelin- Led Zeppelin 4 The Ramones- Road to Ruin The Who- Who's Next Meatloaf- Bat Out of Hell The Clash- London Calling Guns N Roses- Appetite for Destruction Pink Floyd- Dark Side of The Moon Metallica- The Black Album Any other Led Zeppelin album, they all kick ass
  21. And I HATED (at the time) the mainstream offerings. The "Journey-REO Speedwagon-Yes-Pink Floyd-Rush-(sorry Mike)-Supertramp" stuff that was so mainstream. Ken.
  22. Jim Morrison-many different ranges and styles Roger Daltry- just listen to that scream in Won't Get Fooled Again Freddie Mercury- he just sings some great songs Eric Clapton Robert Plant thats about it for rock vocalists...I could go on with lots more...I like the lead singer of Styx's voice too, but i'm not sure what his name is... ::
  23. -Neon lamp that says Rock with a guitar -Led Zeppelin: Best of the Early Days cd -Styx greatest hits CD -The Ramones (this stuff and more) Cd
  24. Yes everyone's been noticing this...I have no clue whats going on ::
  25. Hey, I'm just wondering what everyone's ethnic backgrounds are! I find this kind of thing interesting and it's cool to see what everyone's heritage is... I'll start with mine (besides my home country, Canada) > My dad is from Portugal (born&raised) > My mom's parents are both from England, but she wasn't born there.
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