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  1. I'm reminded of the Air Coryel wonder years... *sigh*
  2. Ah, my beloved Chargers. Throwing it away in the past couple of weeks. But I have faith! We will conquer.
  3. wow! Those lyrics look so close to what I remember! Listening on YouTube, though, it's not it. Thanks for the amazing find, though.
  4. my son told me today he watched that one last night. Said it was excellent. (P.S. Whaddaya mean, "Shawna"? Your hubby knows me... we share a brain, you and me.)
  5. Gone Girl!!! I want to see that one!! But I'll wait until the crowds die down...
  6. Andy, you will soon be going head-to-head with Edna.
  7. no worries, Jenny! I've picked up some reading material because of your reviews. Can't say I've had time to read anything besides short magazine breaks in the recent weeks, but I do have a veritable mountain of to-be-read books on my nightstand. It may one day collapse under the weight.
  8. "This Is Where I Leave You" AWESOME cast. Truly unbelievable there's that much talent in this movie (the Jane Fonda thing aside, of course - her role was funny, if not a bit creepy). About a family of 4 siblings and their mother, their spouses and kids who get together over the loss of their father and, since his last wish was that they "sit shiva" for him, they have to stay under the same roof for a week, and hilarity ensues. Fortunately, though, a lot of other stuff ensues, as well. Not that I don't like hilarity - and there was lots of it, hell, Jeff even laughed out loud. I alw
  9. someone yesterday gave me a senior discount without my even asking. Jeff noticed it. After he went off to get our drinks, I whispered, "It's because of him, right?" She just laughed and said, "I just thought anyone would appreciate a discount these days."
  10. I thought about that... and immediately realized I have no clue what the station was. I was driving down a backroad in southeast AZ. The exact area I can't even remember. Lot of Hispanic stations there, this was one that was playing English-speaking music. I'd have to go back out there and drive around some more and try to plug into that same station. It's at least 4 hours' drive. I don't need to know the song that bad.
  11. Part of Me, Part of You Thought I'd found it here, this sounds a LOT like it. But it's not. Still, I like this song.
  12. It's not that song, Chutzpah, but you've got the idea, the tempo is perfect and the style is exactly what I'm looking for. Forget about the "lust" part of it. That may just be my interpretation. It definitely sounded like a Glen Frey voice, though. Hell, maybe it's an old Eagles song I've never heard (is that possible)? Thanks for searching, gang! Please continue to look. This will make me bananas one day if I don't ever hear it again...
  13. no... neither of those. I found the Lionel Richie song already and it was nothing like Bono singing. But thanks for looking onward!
  14. Yesterday while driving through BFE southwest Arizona, listening to a random radio station, a great song came on that sounded a lot like Glenn Frey (the Eagles) singing. Style was similar to a mid-tempo Eagles song. I've no clue even what the approximate age of the song would be, since immediately before it was a song from the '60s and the one right after it I would place in the '50s, if even that. The only line I remember - because my memory is AWFUL and I desperately wanted to remember SOMETHING from it - is "Here's my heart, you can break it." The gist was a guy telling a girl here's
  15. here in the Southwest when I was in high school (which I suppose supports Ron's theory of age 15... although I stretch it out to my sophomore, junior, and senior years for my classic rock pigeon-hole) we listened to a lot of southern rock. So Outlaws, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Seger (mysteriously enough, he was thrown into that category) were all huge here. But Fleetwood Mac, Eagles and that group were high up the chain, also. Along with some random Aerosmith. Zeppelin and the Who were from my earlier years, so I don't qualify them as much, I suppose.
  16. I don't know that there's ever been anything I've seen Robin Williams in that I didn't like, comedic, serious, commercials, videos, stand up, TV shows, any and all. The world lost a true genius, if a gentle and tortured soul. I hope he finds his happy place.
  17. Rolling Stone has actually named a Roger song in an article!! Boo-ya!
  18. What is the Jolly Green Giant most afraid of? An avocado picker.
  19. sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.
  20. JCarlton, you're right! Submit some stuff. Songfacts is a user-participation site. You can submit facts about any of Dwight's songs, they'll be checked for factual content and posted on the site. (spelled Dwight Yoakam, just FYI)
  21. And, thanks to all your suggestions, here is the article that has resulted from the phone booth songs you submitted! (By Songplaces - and now Songfacts - writer, Jeff Suwak) Phone Booth Songs
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