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  1. Hey ya'll, anyone here, heard of Babylon Bombs? There straight from Stockholm/Sweden & ROCK! I think there the rock'en loved child of Kiss & D.A.D. :rockon:with a little . When i first found them thier website had not very much at all on it, now the sites loaded to the top with all kinds a good stuff 'bout them! Check 'em out whats your thoughts? www.babylonbombs.net Rock On All!
  2. Ya, that's a great song! GO JIM DANDY GO!
  3. LOL! :guitar: AC/DC-Judas Preist-Iron Maiden-DIO theres a lot of them out there! Funny-silly!!
  4. The talent; People who can REALY play! Hair-concerts-records. :guitar:
  5. Woooo YA!! I still got it! Def Leppard "High & Dry" & Ted Nuggent.
  6. The solo in the Voivid song "Im Board" OH! Thats just bad!
  7. Hollywood California?s "Metal Skool" formally Metal Shop. They were the band "Danger Kitty" in the Discover Card commercials! - They have the funniest songs I have ever heard!
  8. Well all be! That's happened to me. However without the music, getting off subject. I finally broke down & told the feller I was with, I had the Hershey squirts; (ate at a Mexican food place, and with out naming names here, it rimes with butthole & hell ) AND yes it seems some guys DONT care.
  9. Bloodrock Kicks A**! Deep Purple & Black Oak Arkansas.
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