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  1. we have Tivo but for some reason it didnt record the first half, its CRAZY i am doing quite fine actually, finals tomorrow, yippidy yay. but the better question is, how are you
  2. i actually missed the first episode because my tv didnt record it, and it was an 2 episode special since it was the first airring so i startd watching at the second episode! hahaha but this show..so lovely...dovely...they also now have offical "Lost" t shirts, amazing eh? to bad they are very plain and very expensive. yaaaaa
  3. i was really surprised when it looked like charlie was dead but i'm glad he wasnt. but i am very amazed that none of his ribs are broken from the mighty force of Jack ::
  4. Sawyer still rocks my socks. He's awesome. This show is the greatest, it has my Sawyer then it has Emilie De Raven (who use to play on Roswell a show that i was addicted to also, even though i hated her in that series i like her in this particular series), i also love how Booth and Shannon act towards each other, family love eh? Great episode i loved it, i was wondering why that guy was off all by himself i mean he was the only during the entire show actually trying to get food (he has the weird crafted straw basket also). At first i thought he might be "Alex" and might have changed his name..
  5. i really dont like the lyrics of the song but i think its hilarous to listen to anyone else?
  6. since i a younger one of the bunch...bunch...? but anyways i grew up absolutely loving disney i was a giant fan of Aladdin, 101 Dalmations and Little Mermaid but i have to say that i really do love ones they are doing with Pixar not quite the old disney touch but i love em still
  7. It's a great thought, i was wondering what they where gonna do after they ran outta characters...you think they will have a second season?
  8. way to go Lost producers/writers get us into a ritual with each episode then suddenly pound us outta it!
  9. actually it never said how sahid got on the plane, which i found strange since in every other one they do say--but they didnt show it for Sawyer's either...i wonder whats happening...?
  10. ok i would first off like to say that the reccent lost episode was great, i love how Sahid sacrificed himself for Nadia, shooting himself for her--can you get any more noble? who knows about Danielle.... and as for Sawyer i would so proud when he went to the golf course (hahah that was hilarous, good ole harley) and tried to participate. And as for my undenying love for Sawyer, i really dont think he is incredimazing goodlooking just kinda, i mean really, but i have been with him since the beginning! [sobs] sawyer rocks my socks! SOS: Save Our Sawyer hmm i was gonn
  11. [gasps in horror] GOLDEN ANN HOW COULD YOU THINK SO? :beady: sawyer...sawyer is wonderful...if you watched his episode he wasnt trying to get anyone's sympathy from the letter at first he didnt even tell kate he wrote the letter, he let it seem like he did that to a family! he is not blaming his entire life on that sole incident, but something like that could rule your life!! SOS: SAVE OUR SAWYER
  12. i love crossfade. i first heard one of there songs, "Cold", on the radio, and it motivated me to go buy the cd, ahhh i love it!
  13. haha lucky me contribute to getting off the island? well we still havent found out about Boone's background so all we know he could be a goodlooking (with girlie eyelashes) boat specialist that can make a giant ark to take them all back to america. i still love sawyer
  14. i love sawyer. i love sawyer. i do not see how i am the only one that sees the greatness of this guy! so what, that what happened to him doesnt totally affect how he turns out, but i still love that guy. i have liked him since the first episode, ::, but o well. i am glad more people are beginning to watch it. my best friend and i are addicted to it. i am waiting for Sun's (the korean lady) husband to finally blow up again and figure out she speaks english. oh roger so kind of you to think of me. i was wondering if anyone had noticed my absence (sp?)
  15. man o man i still love sawyer! that's so sad what happened to his parents, so sad. i love him, he is the best. i think the guy that hit sayid over the head is Sun's husband, but who knows! did anyone else watch it? did all loyal Lost lovers leave? am i standing alone? i love lost, its now one of my favorite shows!
  17. i chose doorknob, it never guessed it. ::
  18. well there is big differences betweenLost and LOTF. For instance, LOTF its a plane of british military boys that where hit by an enemy in what they think is WW2 it never really says in the book. but Raplh (for those that have read the book) is like Jack and Sawyer is like Jack Merridew (jack from the book, lol). strange book, very descriptive on nature. speaking of, how did everyone like the "White Rabbit" episode of Lost?? getting ot know more of the characters, i really like the flashbacks sawyer is still my favorite, rude crude arrogant guy but still lovable i am just waiting for hi
  19. SPICE GIRLS. hahaha, hilarous i tell you. i am positive everyone remembers the spice girls eh?
  20. [dances happily] i am so glad so many people watched it, and i was there planted on my couch, my eyes suckered to the screen. i was very happy with the way this episode turned out, i was really hoping that this show wouldnt lose my interest and it didnt! i love sawyer he is great! i felt so bad for him though after he was trying to shoot that guy to put him out of his misery and he made it worse; then Jack had to kill him i am still wondering what kate did...murder??
  21. haha three cheers for the once-upon-a-time-dave-now-roger-but-always-will-be-ron. i had a dream last night, it was a good one
  22. i can't wait to see how it goes tomorrow, i really liked how it started out and it's great they are finally doing a new show we have been having loads of CSI (though i must admit i am an addict to CSI Vegas) and reality shows (like golden_ann said or wrote). i think the polar bear was i nice touch, it kept us thinking "WELL WHAT IS IT? GIVE US MORE DETAILS!!!" i hope the don't cram to much drama into one episode, but hopefully tomorrow's will be great! :: everyone tune in and we all can rant and gush about it! anyone else enjoying watching Josh Holloway (Sawyer) as i am? One of the ot
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