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  1. Dropkick Murphys rule. They haven't been the same since Spicy left the band, though. Bad Religion's an alright band. My sister is a huge fan, but I never got into them much. I was a little disappointed when I missed them at the Warped Tour this year, though.
  2. I have to say Dickinson, but in all honesty that's not an informed decision.
  3. Megumi Hayashibara all the way. I think the reason I like Japanese pop is that I can't understand the lyrics ... pop lyrics generally piss me right off.
  4. There'll be sad songs to make you cry ... loves songs often do ... and I can't remember the rest of that song. Anyway my sad songs are, among others: Victory Is Won - Santana Amber Changing - Rise Against Creep - Radiohead Heart of Gold - Neil Young Yesterday - The Beatles Days of the Phoenix - AFI Fade - Staind Total Bummer - NOFX Into The Dead Sky - At The Gates You Are Not Alone - Nobuo Uematsu (well, he composed it, anyway ... it's from Final Fantasy IX for the PSX) And more I can't think of ... I'm at work and my collection's at home.
  5. I recall that when I read, and subsequently watched, The Glass Menagerie there was this bit at the start about all memory being set to music. I kind of liked that. A lot of music I listen to is music I grew up with. My parents always played the Guess Who, the Beatles, Van Morrison and other stuff like that when I was a kid. It kind of grew on me after a while. Otherwise, it is really hard to say why I would listen to the music I like ... something to ponder indeed ... I'd have to say that in a lot of cases I select tunes because I can identify with them on some level. And yet on the other hand, a lot of my favourites I could not make that statement for. Other times its the sound of the instruments ... sometimes a really good guitar solo can move me in ways that nothing else can. I'm sure everyone knows that feeling. Anyway, I listen to songs I connect with in some way, musically, lyrically, or even spiritually. That's why my tastes are all over they place. I could find a country song that I like because the lyrics remind me of home or something, and then hear another song by the same artist and think it was one of the worst songs ever recorded. Likewise, I could have some death metal playing because it reminded me of how I felt on some day when the world seemed like it was going down the toilet, but then if I listen to some other band in the genre I could just think it was yelling. Anyway, music is memory, and memory is music.
  6. I remember when Barenaked Ladies' Maroon came out ... I was pretty much obsessed with them at the time. And the CD came out on my birthday, which I thought was kind of fun. Anyway, I nearly exploded the first time I heard Pinch Me on the radio, and I could not wait for the whole CD. Earlier than that, I was very eager for Limp Bizkit's Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water ... ah, the ignorance of youth. More recently, Santana's Shaman had me anxiously awaiting its release, especially when I read that Placido Domingo had a song in there. Lately, though, no real anticipation on my part. Probably because this one-horse town doesn't have a music store.
  7. Get some Japanese techno going until you explode. Something so fast you can't help but get up. Failing that, try somethine like Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys or Jump Around by House of Pain. And the Training Montage music from Rocky III is purely classic.
  8. Thanks a lot for all the help, everyone. This had been plaguing me for some time.
  9. A simple question: Who first performed "One Tin Soldier"? This is one of the few music questions I couldn't get answered by members of my family. Anyway, if someone could help me out, it would be aprreciated.
  10. Yeah, Audioslave sure is a good band ... maybe more Rage would have been a little bit better, but Audioslave is a worthy successor to the legacy. And, for further agreeance, Velvet Revolver is total garbage. Completely unoriginal drivel that sounds exactly like half the other stuff on the radio.
  11. Mine was probably Queen, either Greatest Hits or Classic Queen. Either that or "Weird Al" Yankovic's Alpalooza. All this because my parents wouldn't let me get Blood Sugar Sex Magic by the Red Hot Chili Peppers when I was in grade three. The first album I BOUGHT was probably either Stunt by the Barenaked Ladies or Americana by the Offspring.
  12. Well, the time has come to address another obscure band. This band being MOVE. MOVE is a sort of techno/pop/rap group out of Japan. They blend fast techno beats with poppy singing and a bit of rap-style vocals. In some ways, they are similar to other Asian pop music, but in many ways they are different too. If you're into anime at all, you may have heard of the TV series Initial D. MOVE did a lot of the music for that show, namely the opening theme "Around The World" and the closing "Rage Your Dream". Other songs include "Gamble Rumble", "Silent White" and "Can't Quit This (Knock 'Em Out)". Can't Quit This was used as the ending theme on the Playstation 2 game Dynasty Warriors 2. Anyway, if you're looking for something fast and a bit different, consider MOVE.
  13. So what do they play? I'm looking for a style or genre, or maybe a comparison to something else I might have heard.
  14. This is my obligatory plug for a personal favourite band that just about no one I know seems to have heard of. That band is Rise Against. I believe they hail from the general area of Detroit, Michigan, but I'm not sure on that. They play a mix of hard-core and punk music, with "traditional" singing on some songs and flat-out screaming on others. Some of their better songs are "Blood Red White And Blue", "Everchanging", "Alive And Well", "1000 Good Intentions" and "Generation Lost". Their song "Last Chance Blueprint" begins with a clip from the movie "American Beauty". Just last week they released their third CD. For the second year running, I saw this band at the Vans Warped Tour in Barrie, Ontario. They put on a great show. This is one of the few bands I know that can work an entire crowd into a frenzy before finishing their first song. Anyway, Rise Against seems to be a little-known band, but their popularity (at least among punk afficionados) is growing rapidly. If you're interested in this style of music, you really should check out some of their songs.
  15. At this year's Much Music Video Awards, Roberts wore a pin reading "Stop Harper" ... an excellent precursor to the election not long after.
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