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  1. 1. Take Good Care of My Baby - Bobby Vee (1961) 2. Rock and Roll Girls - John Fogerty (1985) 3. (I Don't Wanna Love You) You Got Me Anyway - Sutherland Brothers & Quiver (1973) 4. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough - Diana Ross (1970) 5. Dizzy - Tommy Roe (1969) 6. Goody Two Shoes - Adam Ant (1982) 7. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love - Solomon Burke (1964) 8. Good - Better Than Ezra (1993) 9. Bad Girls - Donna Summer (1979) 10. Moon River - Henry Mancini (1961)
  2. 1. You Can’t Always Get What You Want - The Rolling Stones 2. Thunder Road - Bruce Springsteen 3. Learning To Fly - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 4. Cherry Bomb - John Mellencamp 5. Me and the Moon - Gaelic Storm 6. Teach Your Children - Crosby Stills and Nash 7. Ballad of a Thin Man - Bob Dylan 8. Frankie’s Gun! - The Felice Brothers 9. Saints and Sinners - Young Dubliners 10. As Long As There Is Whiskey In The World - Murder By Death Loved it!
  3. I do, I do! Sorry Tim, I was out of town over the weekend, and am listening .... Lately I'm always bringing up the rear.
  4. Rock and Roll Girls - John Fogerty (1985) Bad Girls - Donna Summer (1979) Goody Two Shoes - Adam Ant (1982)
  5. Top four - hooray! I really thought Elizabeth Reed had already made it also - good find Tim.
  6. Thanks Kenne .... y'all won't have to vote on that one ever again (I've nominated it about a thousand times, I know)! In regards to the final list as a whole: Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love the end result, and I'm pleased that you all seem to have enjoyed listening. I did try to keep to songs that hadn't made the ten, but that only helped to make the choices more personal to me. All solid rock and roll, but I hope the list gave you the jazzy-country folk feel that was intended, and that is somewhat unique to my hometown sound.
  7. Thanks Kenne - and I think so too.
  8. 1. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed - The Allman Brothers Band (1970) 2. Come See About Me - The Supremes (1964) 3. You Showed Me - The Turtles (1969) 4. Joyful Resurrection - Tom Fogerty (w/ CCR) (1974) I had forgotten this song! 5. On The Border - Eagles (1974) 6. Your Love - The Outfield (1985) 7. I'll Cry Instead - Joe Cocker (1964) phil, did you notice Leon in this clip? Interesting, I didn't know they went back this far. 8. Since You're Gone - The Cars (1982) 9. Aberdeen - Kenny Wayne Shepherd (1996) 10. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - The Platters (1958) Sorry no Connie, Darryl, I didn't have room ... now if it had been Where the Boys Are .... top 5. A lot of great songs this week, I barely had room for my own.
  9. Ha! Despite Bluesy's best efforts, I'm apparently not a very good argument for that cause. Though it has not stopped me from trying. The good news is, I had my pressure checked today (I feel like a tire), and the eye that was operated on has much lower pressure than the non-operative eye. Which was the whole point, and means I can schedule the other eye, and quit using drops every night (which I forget half the time anyway), and stop this stupid eye disease in it's tracks. Which would mean I can live my entire life with two working eyes. My dad, grandad, and great-grandad all lost their vision to glaucoma. I do not want to be the next generation! I'm very happy right now.
  10. Congrats Laurie! I had surgery today on my eyes - surgery to try to stop the progression of glaucoma. Will find out tomorrow if it was successful. If so - no more drops, woohoo!
  11. They may have - they were one of those midwestern stations with the giant transmitters to reach far and wide. Not sure quite that far though. Artists starting out could get airplay there when they couldn't get it on either coast, including a lot of Canadian bands. New artists, solo efforts, and album cuts being their specialty. Tom Donahue of KMPX San Francisco fame helped to start it up in '67. Anyhoo - you bet your a$$ there are hidden gems. They are all hidden gems.
  12. Aberdeen - Kenny Wayne Shepherd (1996) Come See About Me - The Supremes (1964) Since You're Gone - The Cars (1982)
  13. Happy Birthday Sir Mick!
  14. Elvis' first number 1? How can that be, good grief. About time then I'd say. Happy the Monkees made it in.
  15. List is a great final list pinkstones, and I really enjoyed listening. You just introduced me to a lot of newer stuff I've never heard before. I was especially surprised at the number of female artists from your list that I voted for. It made me realize I have no women on my list, which is weird, I don't know how that happened. I think it's one of the reasons I enjoyed yours so much.
  16. I know, right? I forgot to tell you I replaced 3 songs on my list cause you had them on yours. Soulshine was one, and I can't think of the others. Hope you all enjoy listening!
  17. 1. Whammer Jammer - J. Geils Band (1972) 2. Middle, The - Jimmy Eat World (2002) 3. All Shook Up - Elvis Presley (1957) 4. Theme from "The Monkees" - The Monkees (1966) 5. Little Lion Man - Mumford & Sons (2009) 6. (Baby) Hully Gully - The Olympics (1959) 7. Excitable Boy - Warren Zevon (1977) 8. Let It Down - George Harrison (1970) 9. It's Good To Be King - Tom Petty (1994) 10. Do You Remember When - J. Geils Band (1981)
  18. 1. Mayhem - Imelda May (2010) 2. Super Duper Love (Are You Diggin' On Me?) Pt. 1 - Joss Stone (2003) 3. Two Black Cadillacs - Carrie Underwood (2012) 4. Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift f/The Civil Wars (2012) 5. Erase/Rewind - The Cardigans (1998) 6. Skyfall - Adele (2012) 7. Here’s Where The Story Ends - The Sundays (1990) 8. Up In Flames - Coldplay (2011) 9. Kyrie - Mr. Mister (1986) 10. Never Let Me Go - Florence + The Machine (2011) Look at all the ladies! This was fun pink - I knew fewer than 10 songs on the entire list, so lots of new stuff for me ... thank you!
  19. That's great guys! It's an odd feeling isn't it, to not know someone at all, but to know so much about them. I think you both look great, and honestly, you look as though you could/should have met sooner.
  20. edna, I'm so sorry! I was in a rush to post before I went to work, I checked the lists, but not the other nominations. Thank you for being so good about it.
  21. (Baby) Hully Gully - The Olympics (1959) Whammer Jammer - J Geils band (1972) Royals - Lorde (2012)
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