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  1. well, I wouldn't consider Green Day punk. There's another thread, I'll see if I can find it, about "Fluff Punk" Here it is: Fluff Punk
  2. How about Punk Dorky?
  3. Did they all sing "You Were Always On My Mind"?
  4. August 27, 1990 Stevie Ray Vaughan dies in a helicopter crash. A huge loss.
  5. I am not getting it. When 55 said happy, I thought "One Toke Over The Line" LOLOL. I couldn't find an old pic of Brewer and Shipley, though. They're all recent. Apparently, they're still together.
  6. I'm completely lost. And Ashamed of myself. I'm supposed to be the 70's one hit wonder expert.
  7. 55, there are some little squares above the message box when you compose a message. Hold your mouse arrow over each one, and it will say what it is. On the bottom, the third one from your left is URL, the fourth one is image.
  8. I'd swear it's Pilot, but they were a trio, I think.
  9. Oh, and also, if you decide to remove the sidebar, you can click "My Fusion" and "Toggle Sidebar", and it will pop up for you. Click it again to close it.
  10. This is the Shout Box, Who's Online, Current quote, etc. If you want to move it, or not see it: My Fusion Control Panel Display Settings Scroll down to Sidebar panel, and there are your options.
  11. Well, I know for sure Zep would come in third. I like them ok, but they don't really get me going. Pink Floyd, I am a bit more of a fan, because they have some music that goes deep inside me, which is what music is all about, right? Evoke emotions. I would have to say, overall, Queen is my favorite of this trio, simply because, on the whole, I dig a whole lot more of their music than the other two.
  12. Just in case you didn't know, if you want to send a pm, you can either click on a person's name, and when their profile comes up, click on 'start a private topic', or, in your "My Fusion", you can click 'Start a private topic', then add a person from your buddy list. The nice thing about this is, all the pms are kept, so you can see the entire conversation, instead of just the last reply. Also, you can PM more than one person at one time. On the 'Invitees' line, click 'open buddy list' to add everyone you want to send a message to. Kind of like a party line. I am going right now to collect some names and put them on my buddy list. I will send out a pm (wow, I guess we have to start calling them 'PTs' now), so everyone can get used to the feature. I encourage others to do the same, so everyone can get familiar with the newer features.
  13. RonJon left??!!?? That's bigger news than P.Diddledoofus.
  14. _jr_

    For The Soul

    I am not getting the correlation between having a black bra and changing a tire.
  15. After an exhaustive search, "Peggy Sue Got Married", which was released in 1959, I could not find anywhere where the song charted. Any time there are answers that are repeated, they are researched to make sure all the correct answers are accounted for. As far as the John Travolta answer, "Take A Chance" could not be found on any chart, any where in my resources. I use Alaska Jim's Music charts, which contains several different charts, which can be viewed by week, year ending, by single, by album, any way you want to look at music. I couldn't find the song anywhere. Thank you, Gina, for your input. As far as you winning back in April, Ross, I am not sure what the rules are regarding this. This is my first month running the quiz, and I am not sure of the history of the winners. I will have to check with the big boss.
  16. this was all I could find.
  17. I threw my scruples out the window. I google like crazy now. LOL. I spent an hour looking at pics of the Supremes. LOL.
  18. I almost hate to say this, but Celine Dion for question 2?
  19. I saw Mellencamp maybe ten years ago, and he was great. It was his "Whenever We Wanted" tour. Does he still have that woman who plays the fiddle? She was outstanding.
  20. Q2. Burt Bacharach wrote songs with/for all three?
  21. I'd be surprised if it isn't Yes. I recognize Steve Howe and Jon Anderson. ::
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