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  1. Songs about envy: Jealous Guy ~ John Lennon Hey Jealousy ~ The Gin Blossoms Is She Really Going Out With Him? ~ Joe Jackson Jessie's Girl ~ Rick Springfield My Best Friend's Girlfriend ~ The Cars This Boy ~ The Beatles Got any money?
  2. Peaches, if you ever use the term 'boot-tay' again, you will be forcibly removed from the premises
  3. I wouldn't click on that link if someone held a gun to my head. Wish I had the money to go to college on a whim.
  4. why don't you post the first photo, since it all your fault the last one had to be deleted.
  5. I think it has something to do with Random Thoughts.
  6. now that you've gained the bounty of music knowledge, are you going to hang around and post, Biff?
  7. Rats. I just saw this on the news last week, and I can't remember.
  8. I'd rather see Maiden, anyway.
  9. This may very well be the most accurate description you're going to find. 1.Eminem is a fraud, psuedo punk who would probably start crying and wet himself if he were to ever actually come with 10 miles of 'the hood'. 2. .50, I don't know of, other than the fact that he's sold a bajillion records, which makes him a sell-out. Anything with that much mass appeal has got to be a watered down version of the original concept. 3. Tim McGraw is a spineless, wimpy, weak excuse of a man, who sings every stinking song like he's right on the verge of bawling his eyes out, or has a real bad belly ache, or both. Plus, he probably gets punched out by his bland, crossover-melted down sound, plastic wife if he so much as breathes funny. End of mini rant.
  10. Why doesn't she tell the truth? That she is promoting herself. Been out of the spotlight too long.
  11. I own some Petty. He's a rocker for the people. You have to admire his anti-executive stance. This isn't new for him. He's been bad mouthing the man forever. I hope he's successful.
  12. Eminem 50 cent tim mcgraw Who are three people who could go away forever and I'd never miss them?
  13. Here's a b-side piece of trivia I just read in Billboard's Book of One Hit Wonders. (yes, really, there's a book): The b-side of Carl Douglas' "I Want to Give You My Everything", "Kung Fu Fighting", was the first 45 from England to top the Billboard R&B charts.
  14. True enough. No matter what happens in a person's life, they always carry a little place for that first one they fell for.
  15. There you go, Unc. you know, it's hard to come up with a movie thata single pic doesn't give it away. I worked 10x harder getting a pic than guessing.
  16. Ok, be back in a few... Ok, here's one. It's a classic.:
  17. I dropped out of the bidding when it 50 bucks.
  18. It looks like either The Outlaw Josey Wales or Jeremiah Johnson.
  19. That was the funniest line of the entire show. Seriously.
  20. The Gap Band? I think they were a trio at some point.
  21. merely a testament to the very sad life I've lived.
  22. Maybe they could call themselves The Windows Or The Garage Doors Cellar Doors Car Doors I could continue, but this is boring already.
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