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  1. There Has To Be A Funny Script. Good Performances From All Actors,And Good But Not Prodictable Ending,Which Comes From The First 15 Mins Of A Movie,A Bad Film And Your Already Not Interested In The Film In The First 15 mins.
  2. Maybe Jackie Chan What Do You Think Dave Thanks For Your Reply Take It Easy Dug
  3. dug

    Jamie Callum

    Thankyou Mr Gilmoor I Think Or Hope He Will Become Popular After All The US Is The Biggest Break you can get EmmetsVill@aol.com
  4. For Me Crazy By Aerosmith Or Van Halen Jump
  5. Re Etta James She's Got A new Album Out Called Blues To The Bone Wicked Album You Could By The Album On Any Internet site EmmetsVille@aol.com
  6. What About Millie Jackson , Mary j Blige , Beverly Knight , Amy Winehouse , Joss Stone, And Of Course The Greats That I Haven't Listed
  7. Ive Just Heard That There Making A Modern Day Version Of The Return Of The Pink Panther.When I Was A Kid This Had Me In Fits Of Laughter.Charlez Theron Is Going To Play Inspector Clusoe's Wife.And Inspector Clusoe Is Going To Be Played By Steve Martin. Excusse Spelling
  8. I Think Jamie Callum Is Really Cool He Has A Different Sound.That I Can't Think Of An Artist Thats Like This.
  9. We Have All Done It At One Time Playing Air Piano Like To Private Investigator By Dire Straits.Is There Anyone As Weird As Me
  10. Guyes Youv'e Named Them All The Only Other One I Can Think Of Is Let's Get Physical By Oliva Newton John
  11. Scot Re Phill Collins In The Air Tonight I Play The Drums To It. I Watch South Park And I Also Suffer From Paraplegia And I Take No Offence. I Take Offence On Ignorance Or Lack Of Understanding. If You Can't Laugh At Your Disability Then What Can You Laugh At. But I Know What You Mean And Give You Respect For What You Think Otherwise Chill Out Dude EmmetsVille@aol.com
  12. Havent Got One Hence There All One Hit Wonders
  13. In The Air Tonight By Phill Collins I Actually Play It On My Drum Kit
  14. Aha Did The Cover Version Who Sang The Original Thanks Anyway. You Sure Know Your Music
  15. I Can't Think Cosmos Could I Have Your E Mail So If I Find Out I Can Get Back To You. By The Way Thanks For Your Help You Are The Only One That Has A Guess Or Trys To Help I Have Over 900 Cds Let Me Look But Give Me Contact Details To Get Back To You Dude EmmetsVille@aol.com
  16. I Agree With Gillian Hendix Or Clapton :guitar: EmmetsVille@aol.com
  17. Lyrics are Ill Never Let You See The Way My Broken Heart Is Hurting Me Ive Got My Pride And I Know How To Hide All My Sorrow And Pain Ill Do My Crying In The Rain EmmetsVille@aol.com
  18. Like Gala's Song Freed From Desire.Cornershop Song Title Brimful of rsha. Hearsay (Really Bad Group In The UK ). John Scatman Song Title Scatman.Ultra Nate,Alice Deejay, BBE Song Title Flash,Glowworm Song Title Carry Me Home EmmetsVille@aol.com
  19. Windy, Wirrel In Wales Is Beutiful But Yes Our Goverments Are The Same Apart From The Death Penalty That You Have In The US. Do You Agree With It And What Kind Of Music Are You Into So We Can Stop Talking Polotics Dude EmmetsVille@aol.com
  20. Being Brought Up In The 70's The Original VH1 List Seems Like Some In The United Kingdom Would Come Under Soft Rock ! Like Heart But Led Zep Would Come Under Hard Rock.Cathrine Your List Seems Far More Better take it easy Dug EmmetsVille@aol.com
  21. dug

    Rock Cd

    Thanks haven't heard any of those band names before not to be funny because its a wicked list but what style of rock (eg heavy metal ) thankyou very much anyway take care dug
  22. Band from the late 70's to the early 80's the albums if interested are dancing with danger , streetheart , quicksand shoes , Drugstore dancer, under heaven over hell, meanwhile back in paris, these are all the cds I could find for you happy listening take care dug EmmetsVille@aol.com
  23. Yes We Have MPs But They Dont Do A lot,In Fact The Whole Of Our Goverment Dosent Do A lot Apart From Raising Tax And Passing Laws That Are Meaningless Mind You Though Liverpool Is Your Equivelent To The Bronx
  24. Im Looking To Make A Rock Cd, But Im Intrested In Bands That You Don't Get Over Here Any Ideas Guys.Open To All Kinds Of Rock But Somthing I Haven't Heard Of Before EmmetsVille@aol.com
  25. I agree its a pretty naff publicity scam to pull of anyway its so stupid what happend it has to be true and U2 dont need publicity scams anyway there such a cool band
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