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  1. Canada also had a marine disaster equivalent to the loss of the Titanic. In 1914 we had the sinking of the Empress Of Ireland.
  2. Toronto Ontario. Like New York without the violence. Home to the cool end of Younge Street. See the people walkin’ up and down See the people movin’ all around On the streets of my hometown on yonge street Longest street in the world they say Summertime soon slips away I hope I’ll see you one fine day on yonge street Everywhere you go in a city by the lake Back there in the flow you may give a hand a shake Everyone you pass seems to wanna say hello Even late at night on the freshly fallen snow "Younge Street" Gordon Lightfoot
  3. "Be kind to parents, and the near kinsman, and to orphans, and to the needy, and to the neighbor who is of kin, and to the neighbor who is a stranger." --The Koran I recently watched the movie "Kandahar". The movie is centered around an Afghan journalist named Nafas who seeks refuge in Canada. She maintains a relationship via letters with her sister, still in Afghanistan. The sister sends a letter to Nafas stating her intent to commit suicide because of the brutal condions imposed on women under the Taliban rule, and has said that this impending suicide would take place just prior to the next solar eclipse, about to happen in a couple of days. Taliban rule forbids women to travel alone so Nafas, wearing the restrictive burqua employs a series of men to get her across the Iran-Afghanistan border. The men only agree out of the desperation for much needed money. It is a deep look into the darkness that is the Afghanistan woman's reality of life. If you are looking for a buoyant film, this is not it. But if you are looking for something truly thought-provoking, and horizon-widening, check it out... Ken.
  4. "Are you a female high school dropout, between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five?...Are you tired of lying around in bed all day with nothing to do? Well. you never need get up again, because in six short weeks I can train you to be high paying ho...Just think-fifteen hundred dollars a week, without even leading the comfort of your own bedroom.. Sound too good to be true? Just send for my new book, "I Wanna Be a Ho."
  5. A friend sent me this, some of them had me in tears. Originally done by cast member Tim Kazurinsky, as Dr. Jack Badofsky. Sexual gratification. We all dig it. But we all have different ways of achieving it. And since the desired goal is to climax, I think orgasms deserve specification rather than be lumped into one category because they aren't always so easily achieved and often takes some experimentation. So after interviewing thousands of people (ok, so they were all imaginary), here are different types of orgasms I've uncovered. Visiting a brothel? - whoregasm Wake up aroused by a dream? - snoregasm Missionary position...again? - boregasm Workaholic? - choregasm Shopaholic? - storegasm Masturbate after eating an apple? - coregasm. Turned on by fantasy? - folkloregasm. Like doing it on a golf course? - foregasm An old west climax - LouisL'Amourgasm Get off on old, B-list actresses? - ZsaZsaGaborgasm Excited by sex on the beach? - shoregasm Does candy do it for you? - smoregasm Come to climax with a lion? roargasm. Or if donkeys are your thing... - Eeyoregasm Tennis groupie? - BjornBorgasm Into robots? - cyborgasm Did it result in carpet burn? - floorgasm Like to do it on the buffet table? - smorgasbordgasm Find bullfighter to be hot? matadorgasm Does Lionel Ritchie make you swoon? - Commodoregasm Are splinters a turn on? two-by-fourgasm Two no one will ever have? An AlGoregasm or a PaulyShoregasm. Personal Favorites, LouisL'Amourgasm ZsaZsaGaborgasm BjornBorgasm
  6. I had a friend named a ramblin' Bob, He used to steal, gamble and rob He thought he was the smartest guy in town But I found out last Monday That Bob got locked up Sunday They've got him in the jailhouse way down town He's in the jailhouse now he's in the jailhouse now I told him once or twice quit playin' cards and shootin' dice He's in the jailhouse now Bob liked to play his poker, pinochle with Stan Yoker But shooting dice was his favorite game But he got throwed in jail, with nobody to go his bail The judge done said that he refused a fine He's in the jailhouse now he's in the jailhouse now Well I told him once or twice quit playin' cards and a shootin' dice He's in the jailhouse now I went out last Tuesday met a girl named Susie, I said I was the swellest guy around. Well we started to spendin' my money Then she started to callin' me honey We took in every cabaret in town We're in the jailhouse now We're in the jailhouse now I told the judge right to his face I don't like to see this place We're in the jailhouse now
  7. J. Geils Band live, "Hard Driving Man" into "Whammer Jammer" is awesome for pushing the speed envelope. Blues Brother's version of "I Can't Turn You Loose" makes me want to be on the open highway with a lot of cops behind me.
  8. We had a car very similar to the one in the movie. Weaver is driving a '71 Plymouth Valiant, our family had a deep green '73. The car I learned to drive in. I still have the Valiant emblem off the side. That damn car was like Jason from the Friday the 13th movies, you couldn't kill that slant-6 engine.
  9. Joe, the Collector's Edition has a lengthy interview with the writer Richard Matheson. It was (loosely) based on a true story...
  10. And keep a wary eye on your rearview. You never know when something may creep up behind you, bleary windshield and blowin' smoke as black as coal, sounding a long single insane note on a ragged airhorn....
  11. Laurie, the collectors edition is hysterical. I never noticed, but in several scenes, you can see Spielberg crouched in the back seat giving direction to Dennis Weaver. Spielberg himself points out all the flaws. Still an awesome movie and you can see the influence in "Jaws".
  12. I picked up the Collector's Edition of Spielberg's directorial debut, the superb 1971 "Duel". Starring Dennis Weaver and a menacing 1964 Peterbilt. In this age of Blu-Ray and jaw dropping special effects it holds it's own pretty well. Well enough that at the movie's conclusion, my 15 year old son said "That was awesome. That was one of the best movies I've ever seen." and asked me to make a copy for his friend. If you've not seen the film and are a fan of action/suspense, you'll not be disappointed. Read the Rotten Tomatoes review here. Ken.
  13. JIMMY BUFFETT Please Take Your Drunken Fifteen Year-old Girlfriend Home Please take your girlfriend home She's only fifteen, she shouldn't be back here alone I'm horny and my mind begins to roam So please take your drunken fifteen year-old girlfriend home She found mama's quaalude 'script Took a few just right before the show She is no beer drinker She used the bathroom fifteen times I know Her overtures were rather crude Her boyfriend he was more than rude to me I'm twenty-eight and I don't date I still know classy women who like me So please take your girlfriend home She's only fifteen, she shouldn't be back here alone I'm horny and my mouth begins to foam So please take your 15 year-old girlfriend home She said our show was rather dull She liked Jethro Tull more than she liked us She said a cab cost twenty bucks I gave her thirty cents to ride the bus When she hit me with a mic Something with which I could not agree When she said she dug the harmonica player A whole lot more than she dug me So please take your girlfriend home She's only 15, she shouldn't be back here alone Oh, take her to go read the Rolling Stone And please take your drunken 15 year-old girlfriend home
  14. This picture makes me dizzy looking at it. Philippe Petit walking a wire between the Trade Centre towers...
  15. A quarter-inch of skintight neoprene can make anything look good I guess. Good thing, too. The water temperature was a chilling 36f......
  16. Ken


    A perfect song for driving while it's raining... Del Shannon - Runaway.
  17. Amen to that Crystal.
  18. In a perfect world, Steve Irwin would still be around. THAT is a guy I miss....
  19. A photograph of myself clinging to the mast of a sunken sailboat...
  20. I'd be somewhere where the water was deep, turquoise, had unlimited air fills, visibility for miles, water temperature in the mid-80's, and an abundance of sea-life. And all you guys there to share the experience.
  21. Kid Rock always struck me as a guy who should be driving a forklift in the receiving department of Home Depot.
  22. LMAO, I thought the same thing.......
  23. Give me a p.o. box number and I'll send you a half-case to put on ice for you... Beer with commercials like This can't be all that bad. Ken.
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