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    A Charlie Brown Christmas

    It was December 9, 1965 when the world was first given the gift called "A Charlie Brown Christmas". Fifty years??? What??? I was a mere 7 years old then and I recall sitting in my parents living room watching this special year in and year out. No VHS then, no DVD's, no downloads...no nuthin'!!! If you missed that one showing on WCBS-TV, you missed it until next year. I couldn't wait to introduce my kids to The Peanuts Gang doing their thing and I'm sure grandkids will enjoy it someday too. Merry Christmas Charlie Brown.
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    Song/Video of the day

    And now for something completely different...from David Benoit.
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    A Charlie Brown Christmas

    Definitely a classic that I also look forward to seeing to this day. I also introduced my girls to these holiday classics. I'm so glad they continue to air these shows so kids today can enjoy them also. Charlie Brown Christmas is one of my favorites, and of course The Great Pumpkin was cute too.
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