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Heather weathers suicidal thoughts


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Heather Mills Considered Committing Suicide

McCartney's ex says she received death threats after her four-year marriage ended.

Heather Mills considered killing herself following the end of her marriage to Paul McCartney.

Mills, 39, - who is currently locked in a divorce settlement with the former Beatles legend - shocked viewers with the revelation during a live interview on Britain’s GMTV on Wednesday morning.

She cried as she told host Fiona Phillips how she has received numerous death threats after her four-year marriage to McCartney ended last year.

She says, "I have stayed quiet for my daughter, but I have had death threats. I have been close to suicide. I have had worse press than a pedophile or a murderer. I've done nothing but charity for 20 years.

"I considered killing myself because I thought if I'm dead then at least (my daughter) is safe and she can be with her father."

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