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Super Ry 71

Construct A Song

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So help us, but I've just come up with yet another crazy song game! Here, you have to--as the title says--construct a song, letter by letter. So for example:

1st: H

2nd: Ho

3rd: How

4th: How (space)

5th: How D

6th: How Do

7th: How Do (space)

8th: How Do Y

9th: How Do Yo

10th: How Do You

11th: How Do You (space)

12th: How Do You S

13th: How Do You Sl

14th: How Do You Sle

15th: How Do You Slee

16th: How Do You Sleep

17th: How Do You Sleep? (At this point, when it's obvious what the song is, or the current poster wants to finish the song, simply place a [END] marker.)

Then, finish the song by adding the artist:

How Do You Sleep? ~ John Lennon

Note that you add (space) whenever a space is put in, since those aren't easy to notice.

So I hope you all get it. I'll start off:


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