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What were the last facts you submitted?

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I think it would be fun to see some details to see how the Songfacts/Artistfacts databases are growing.

Also maybe we could even get some more inspiration for similar songs/artists...

so, today I submitted some Artistfacts for Portishead, Queens of the Stone Age and Daft Punk :)

nothing special really only some basic stuff about lineup, band name and how and when they were founded...

(the main point was to get them into the database in the first place ;) )

and you? :)

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Just one (so far) to see how long it takes and still a no show. The fact was to settle the guitar parts of a Beatles tune that has already been mentioned as a fact (but more so trivial) and some comments. I elaborated the point to a more specific but concise matter. It's kinda funny since Carl used to run by a lot of the "Beatles" facts through me for verification a few years back. Oh well ;)

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It typically takes several weeks for Songfacts to be posted. They have to go through the process of being researched and confirmed before we can post them as "fact." And with the backlog, it may take a while. If your submitted facts aren't up within 4 weeks or so, ask again and we can look into things.

Thanks for your participation - it's always appreciated!

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