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This is the first piece I've created in a long time that I've actually liked enough to share with people. Take whatever meaning from it you like.

All the people in their houses

Every elephant and mouse is

Just a figment of a dream

There is no world, there’s only me

All the rules that have been written

Every fool who has been smitten

They don’t matter anymore

There is no world, there’s only me

And the vast Pacific Ocean

And every product, sum, and quotient

Ever produced by a mind

It was naught but fantasy

There’s no proof of your existence

So I continue my resistance

Your logic doesn’t work here

There is no you, there’s only me

There is no us, there’s only me

There is no world, there’s only… me

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I like this, Liz - a lot! My interpretation is you are only responsible for your own reality. What is someone else's reality is not necessarily yours unless you make it so. It's not a kiss-off, or a kiss-up, but a statement of fact - there is, indeed, only us, each independent of another, no matter how attached we may be to someone else.

I love the word usage - especially the rhyme of "ocean" with "quotient" - that was great. :)

Nicely done.

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