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The Guillemots


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I'm probably going to ruin my chances of getting anyone to listen to this band with the very first sentence of my description of them, all because of the use of a certain word that has become taboo in music. Prove you are open-minded, listen to at least one song...

The Guillemots prove that emo music can be good. These days, emo has the worst connotations in popular music...most people consider emo to be whiney and overproduced pop-punk with little to no artistic viability. Being called emo is one of the worst things a band can be accused of.

Mostly, this is caused by a lack of understanding. Emo isn't found in the fakeness of My Chemical Romance and Panic! At the Disco, emo is found in the swirling melodies of Sunny Day Real Estate and the unbridled anger of Rites of Spring. Most people who diss emo have no idea what it actually is or where it came from. The Guillemots are a very pop-influenced emo band, and at first glance, they may re-establish stereotypes of emo. They are over the top, a bit cheesey and sugar, and they spill their hearts into their lyrics. However, the Guillemots also have amazing bittersweet melodies that tug at your heartstrings, and are at times epically beautiful. And what appear as shortcomings for the Guillemots are actually good things...I love their over-the-top nature, and the cheesiness is endearing. This is what people should hear in their minds when they hear the word "emo."

now, a few songs from their 2006 release, "Through the Windowpane"

Made Up Lovesong #43 (my personal favorite)


Trains to Brazil


their myspace, which includes Annie Lets Not Wait and We're Here


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Hmm, not bad. Personally I liked Trains to Brazil more than the other one because it had a more interesting chord progression to it. It's nice to see a double bass in there for a change.

(I didn't go to their MySpace as I avoid it like the plague.)

But man, that lead singer is jumpy as anything. :P

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