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Blondie had a hot run of songs in the

80s I wonder if Debbie wrote them,

was she the main powerhouse behind those incredible songs,

similarly in T Pau I wonder if it was Carol Dekker the feisty red head who wrote their amazing stuff

was she the power behind it all.

The Bee Gees have a great portfolio of songs over what ? 4 or 5 decades now.

They are all credited as songwriters but I ve a suspicion that Barry Gibb is the real power and massive talent behind the Bee Gees

I don t think melodies can be written by two people, melody is a magic that can only be conceived in one mind.

Barry is the oldest, the best looking, the most articulate.

he is the one wot wrote their brilliant stuff

like Where the Spirits Fly, How Deep is your Love, You win again, Morning of My Life.

Robin probably wrote the odd song like

saved by the bell etc.

Barry is a genius, probably now getting on a level with Paul MacCartney.

Hes probably gone on a lot longer than Paul too

Paul lost it about the time of Band on the run

his mind fogged by de weed.

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Chris Stein was the brains in the band. And Deborah Harry wasn´t bad at all...in fact, I love her.

Barry Gibb is the one who writes the wonderfull BeeGees tunes, though his brothers used to collaborate too. But Barry was the leader.

Paul McCartney is a strange case of double personalty: he was great with The Beatles and he made mainly stupid music after The Beatles.

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