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  1. oops I posted I dont by mistake just wondering, are there any e mail notifications to this forum, ? can t see any boxes to tick
  2. i DON T buy that a song, at least the melody part, can be written by two people. Like Lennon and McCartney, I think they basically wrote songs alone and just got together to listen to each others stuff and perhaps suggest a few improvements etc. I think most of the early Beatles songs, like she loves you I wannna hold your hand etc, were written by John, He was the dynamo of the group. It was nt until Sgt Pepper that power began to shift and Paul became the driving force. The song
  3. Blondie had a hot run of songs in the 80s I wonder if Debbie wrote them, was she the main powerhouse behind those incredible songs, similarly in T Pau I wonder if it was Carol Dekker the feisty red head who wrote their amazing stuff was she the power behind it all. The Bee Gees have a great portfolio of songs over what ? 4 or 5 decades now. They are all credited as songwriters but I ve a suspicion that Barry Gibb is the real power and massive talent behind the Bee Gees I don t
  4. Somehow you can tell which is a mcartney song and which is a lennon song though lennon's song " goodnight sleep tight " had me beat, I thought that was Paul. I even thought " I wanna hold your hand " was Paul but now I think its one of Lennon's songs, the very song that broke America ! In those early days of Beatlemania Lennon was the driving force, Beatlemania is all down to his songwriting genius. Later , by the time of the sgt pepper album Paul was the driving force. I think Paul is the main man behind the best of sgt pepper...... he was the guvnor at that time.
  5. Debbi Ash was a babe, like her older sis Lesley. I think Debbie, like Lesley, was in one or two movies. I can remember one where Debbie was a nurse I never realized she was in hot gossip too !
  6. yeah , youre right wot a great songwriter I think he wrote witchitau line man too another classic. wonder what he s up to now, maybe he s retired ?
  7. up up and away in my beautiful balloon wot a brill song by ....... who was it now .... cant think but I think it was writ in the 60s it was the perfect song to slot into a tv variety show back then there was much more variety type shows on tv , lots of groups of dancers like The Young Generation who were a vital ingredient of such shows. and the 60s and 70s had such great music maybe Hot Gossip another dance group were a kind of continuation of that dance group trend where are all the
  8. I think I answered my own question, I just did a google Hot Gossip were a British dance troupe most notable for their appearance on the TV series The Kenny Everett Video Show, which aired on ITV in the late 1970s. It was created and choreographed by Arlene Phillips. The sexually suggestive dance routines, moves, gestures and costumes used by the troupe were considered very risqué, especially considering the early evening timeslot that the Video Show was broadcast in. Hot Gossip are often keen to claim that these risqué dance routines were not simply a result of the t
  9. i THInk I first heard the song, prob in the late 70 s there was a hot dance group Hot Gossip here in UK and maybe them or a later version of those dancers did the song on TV miming and dancing to it Sarah Brightman used to be a member of the dance group and they had a big hit I gave my heart to a starship trouper maybe this was another release by that group, I don t know, come to think of it it does have a feel of that song, maybe the same writer !
  10. a song that was popular on TV , prob in the 90s on variety shows etc Break me into little pieces Screw me up and throw me away Break me into little pieces Tell me that you re gonna stay well something like that A lovely song anyone got any info, writer, ? etc thanks for any comment Tim
  11. Its such a brill song someone must know it I know a couple of lines of lyrics I ll wait till your love comes down Its comin straight from your heart Its a very powerful , driving rock song The video for it had a sexy model walking about some city or other. can anyone give me the title of the song and the name of the group ?
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