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When I think of innovative music, I tend to think towards the originals

Any mid-50's rock group (especially Chuck Berry)

Beatles sufficiently gave to influence rock, enough said

The Doors were a daring band

Jefferson Airplane tried a lot of new things

Jimi Hendrix's style of electric guitar playing was new

Pink Floyd came to with a brand of their own

Velvet Underground revolutionized alternative with their obscure sound

Led Zeppelin opened up for Hard Rock

Black Sabbath opened the doors for Heavy Metal

10cc put up a new progressive sound

George Clinton & Parliament with his brand of funk-pop

David Bowie put towards the essence

Sex Pistols were outrageous as hard-core punk creators

The Police widely created the way for New Wave

Rush synthesized Arena Rock

Metallica displayed a talented heaviness not yet heard

Run DMC put a heavy footnote on Rap Music

Red Hot Chili Peppers mixed funk with rock/pop & it worked

Sonic Youth created the ?Grunge Movement?

Beastie Boys succeeded in ?White Rap?

Nine Inch Nails industrialized to the mainstream

Tool gave a new meaning to the dark side

There?s many more that I am missing & will find later on

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